Voice of a Pakistani-- A 1 Minute Speech


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As received

My 5 years son has worms in his stomach from drinking contaminated stinking water from the "Chappar" (pond) on the outskirts of my village.

My young wife has calluses on her feet and hands from walking to this pond and bringing home this contaminated dirty stinking water which we all drink and cook with.
I buy a bar of soap and a tube of toothpaste every month which I , my son and my wife share every morning and save the bar of soap away from water so that it will last us a month.

On close examination of the soap wrapper and tube , I found out that I was a tax payer. I was paying Rs 5 and Paisas 35 as tax on each bar of soap I purchased every month.
I am informed that there is a Constitution which guarantees clean drinking water, education for my son to live his dream, and health services for my wife who is frail and sick from drinking the "chappar" water she draws every morning so that I and my son will not go thirsty.

I am also informed that about 30 years back and then some more, The General honorably took an oath on sacred grounds that he will uphold the Constitution of Pakistan----------Even to the peril of his life.

I have an intuition that my Rs 5 and Paisas 35 has ended up in POF Wah and a 7.62 MM NATO Specs bullet was made from that Tax I paid. A bullet which is to be used by my Valant Forces for the Protection of my Country and my countrymen who reside therein. That does me proud.

General. My constitution has been hijacked and my constitutional rights have been usurped by those in power. The usurpers wear wrist watches the value of which would buy miles of pipes and filters to lay a pipeline network for the entire rural Punjab for house to house delivery of clean drinking water. One day expense of the feast in their palace is enough to buy my son his dream-- a decent education. Many many more sons of the soil if we count the meals for the cronies as well.

Sir General, Tonight, as mothers, sisters , brothers, fathers, friends and fellow countrymen walk THE WALK to freedom and seek the True Spirit of Independence, I seek to remind you of the sacred oath you took to uphold the constitution of Pakistan. I will never forgive myself if that dreaded 7.62 MM NATO Specs bullet made from my tax money, finds its mark in the heart of a Pakistani walking tall to seek his and my constitutional right . What about you my General? Will the nation forgive you? More Importantly, Will you be able to forgive yourself?

I stand up and salute the Armed Forces of Pakistan. I truly do. 55 seconds.
One last 5 second point. I also salute the courage of our reporters who have provided the much needed motivation to the Nation by uninterrupted coverage of the Walk to Freedom.

I wish I could salute in the same manner our politicians and civilian leadership.
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​A little hard to digest that this person is living on pond water. Trying to take sarcasm to next level I think.