To the Point - 8th Sep 2011 - Zulfiqar Mirza - Part 2


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shut up you idiot, he may have done, but that is past, he now wants to help Pakistan , stop grilling him, let him work to save Pakistan, do not make him guilty now for the future as u cannot read the future, Allah may have chosen him to do the work for Pakistan.

Remember at the time of our great prophet P.B.U.h Hazart Ummer and many other suhabis were against Ilsm, but later they became the best of Suhabis, so stop beggaring ZM. Support him instead if u r a Patriotic Pakistani, unless u r one of those hidden anti Pakistanis. by your questioning him u show your colors as an Anti Pakistani journalist, of which there are many
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wow its really nice show and very smart question by Shahzaib Khanzada,, izzz ki tu ranking ab full top per hoo gayae hai ;)


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Well prepared anchor who took ZM to his limits. Everything what we see is real what we don't see is the truth!!!

i love pak

such a brave man....if something happen to shahzaib....zulfiqar mirza will be responsible . i mean it to write these words


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Explosions of MirzaLeaks - MQM in Catalepsis





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Re: Explosions of MirzaLeaks - MQM in Catalepsis

الجھا ہے پاؤں یار کا زلف دراز میں
لو آپ اپنے دام میں صیاد آ گیا

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Re: Explosions of MirzaLeaks - MQM in Catalepsis

ایم کیو ایم کے آگے کنواں پیچھے کھائی


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Re: Explosions of MirzaLeaks - MQM in Catalepsis

Ya itna simple bhe nahi hai ... ya 1992 nahi hai ... is jumlay ki haqeeqat ko samajhney ki zaroorat hai... agercha ya muhajir america ya UK ka leya woh kaam nahi ker saktey jo afghans ney USSR ka khilaf keya tha USA k leya .. kiyon k ya basically buzdil hain aur 10-20 mil k aik doo ko gharney walay logh hain ... lakin phir bhe ... hazaron container woh bhe jadeed aslahey sai bharey itni asani sai faramosh nahi keya ja saktey..... zara bhe kohtai khi ka mamley main bohat bhari per saktee hai jab ka border par sai khi for kashmir jesi awazain bhe naney lage hoon.


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we are a passionate people, no one can convince us by in-undoes and blames, the only rationale and fair thing to do is to ask questions with soft voice, rational questions and not personal and hope to motivate those you question not to agrevate and cause more troubles. by pushing those in to doing more that you questioned them for.

And that is why i said what I said above, the anchor is pushing by being overbearing and by asking silly questions. questioning is a very serious business and has to be done by a very intelligent person and not the one who has no clue about human psychology and feelings.
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