The Biggest Ever Leaks from Osama's Computer in Abottabad- An Insider Reveals the Truth.


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Osama Bin Laden’s dead body reserved on Ice for a dacade was in contact with Hilary Clinton since long. It was desperately wooing her. Both had many wet secret meetings in the compound of Abottabad. Sometimes it spanked her red; however, it was too strong and irresistibly good and master of evenings to ……….. Hilary was about to get Talaq from disloyal Billy Blue Eyed.

It is worth noting that the whole affair was in the notice of international political leaders like Sarkozy, British Queen, Zardari , international bankers and Builderberg group. On the condition of anonymity our source very closely following the developments in this affair has revealed that the affair was almost nearing its logical end i.e marriage. Mr. Sarcozy promised to gift the most sought after French “Topi Wala Burqa” as the wedding dress. The wedding ceremony was planned to be held at the famous and bewitchingly beautiful Tora Bora Hills soon after British Royal marriage of Prince William. Mr. Karzai has almost completed all the arrangements. Mullah Diesel from Pakistan was hired as Nikah Khawan at the rate of one well of diesel oil in some American State along with two ships of French wine.

At this critical stage , Mr. Zardari claimed heavy commission for brokering this deal; however, CIA contacted Mr. Kiyani to cut Zardari to his size through a deal between to premier spy agencies (CIA and ISI) struck in Capital Hills. To honor this deal and compliance of it, Zardari was given a shut up call by Mr. Kiyani through Mr. Shujah Pasha-the chief spy. Zardari took this to his heart and decided avenge himself upon the love birds . In connection thereof, he planned to play trick by assigning the task of poisoning the relationship between CIA’s most cherished boy Osama’s corpse and bewitching beauty bait Hilary, to the dandy beau-Mr. Qureshi , the then foreign minister of Pakistan. The trick worked and the relationship got estranged when Hilary was found flirting with Mr. Qureshi.

The corpse could not digest the unfaithfulness of Hilary, and called names to Obama and scolded Mr. President for not following the norms and ethics of international pimp-hood as his Lugai (mashooq/love/mistress) was betraying him openly. He reminded Obama about his services to CIA/CFR/Zionist and whenever American needed to launch a false flag operation like 9/11, 7/11, Embassy bombing etc. Obama tried to pacify the corpse, an apple of CIA’s eye, by getting Mr. Qureshi removed from his position in the foreign ministry, but the corpse was so furious that this move could not pacify his anger. At this the corpse said “Do More”. But Obama’s fathers, the Zioists, did not allow him to pay any heed to it, as they thought during his life Osama was just a puppy of there’s, and the puppies must be kept within their limits. On this indifferent attitude from Obama, corpse's heart got broken, and he threatened to abduct Misha’al, if Hilary continues to be disloyal to him. It was the turning point where Obama was convinced that enough is enough and it is the right time to get the corpse re-killed to save her family’s honor, as he thought no woman shall marry him after getting proved as shameless puppy to Wall Street. So fearing a 9/11 with his family the corpse of the fugitive was dumped in the in the sea in an eerie like atmosphere.

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