Shahid Nama with Dr Shahid Masood - 28th August 2011 - Special Programe - Zukfiqar Mirza Press Confe


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Whole world is in shock after listening ZM press conference. US already had escalated legal help to look into the allegations on US to break Pakistan.

For MQM supporters, the demand for Karachi and Hyderabad as a separate province is literally the writing on the wall and the restoration of the city district governments is considered its foundation. However, people like Zulfiqar Mirza promise that their province will only be devided over their dead bodies.


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Thanks dr. shahid, I had been saying from day one that operation in karachi is a fake one. Today zulfiqar Mirza exposed everything, my suspicions about Rehman malik are true- He himself is a culprit and target killer,is a pathetic and compulsive liar.He gave the de-weaponisation date 30th aug and then changed it to 30thsept without any reason-the only reason was to let PPP's killers have more time to kill others.MQM is a terrorist party whereas in europe and canada it has been declared as terrorist so why Zardari wants MQM join PPP govt in sindh because Zardari himself is not sincere with this nation and wants to break up the country.What i said will be proved one day ,evern a blind person can judge the way the this govt in centre is doing,does it show any patriotism in their governance-NOT AT ALL. I had requested the SC and C-in-C Gen Kiani,the two chiefs-for God sake this country have many enemies inside and outside ,if you did't take action this time ,there will be no more pakistan and both of you will be responsible for this.Get all the politicians from MQM and PPP ,PML-N ,PML-Q,ANP and their militants in the party and eliminate them at once to save this nation.De-weaponisation is must and all over the country within one week to save the massacre in the country. Remove rehman malik and detain him for questioning otherwise he will be the first one to leave the country.Rehman Malik and other top PPP leaders should be tried for treason.I had been saying all along from the beginning that Zardari and co is not sincere with this nation but no one listen .Now cat is out of the bag and our security agencies should take it very serious before the blame game starts.The only solution in karachi is the "ARMY",de-weaponise the city and get the killers through the intellignce ,rangers and police .There are taraget killers in police too,get them first.we have to appreciate the courage of mr.zulfiqar mirza to expose the traitors?
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why every body calls him Rehman malik.It is disrespect to Almighty. Call him by his full name Abdur-Rehman. He ,himself is so ignorant of Islam he could not recite sura Ikhlas correctly. He is working for MI5 and CIA. I think Zulfiqar Mirza is right about him.​

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