SC summons Chief Secretary, DG Rangers, Sindh IG


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SC summons Chief Secretary, DG Rangers, Sindh IG


The Supreme Court took notice of the killing of youth by the rangers in Karachi.

A larger bench headed by the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would start the hearing of the case. The Supreme Court has summoned the Chief Secretary Sindh Subhan Memon, DG Rangers Sindh Major General Ajaz Chaudhry and IG Sindh Fiaz Ahmed Leghari.

According to sources, the federal and provincial Interior Secretary has also been summoned by the court.

SC takes suo moto notice of youth killing in Khi

Updated at: 0040 PST, Friday, June 10, 2011
ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) has taken suo moto notice of cold blooded killing of young man by Rangers in Karachi and summoned DG Rangers Sindh, provincial Chief Secretary, IGP Sindh and Provincial and Federal Home Secretaries today (Friday), Geo News reported.

Five-member larger bench of the SC headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary will hear the case.

It is pertinent to mention here that Rangers on late Wednesday night had killed an unarmed youth after arresting him in Karachi
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SC can NOT do anything for NRO and many other high profile cases,
They are also make FOOL for a long time, SC cant do much. dont expect anything beleived me or have a bet???


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Well its about time sc summoned the DG rangers,but i wish we have a result of this case.Hope it doesnt fades away like other cases.


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SC can NOT do anything for NRO and many other high profile cases,
They are also make FOOL for a long time, SC cant do much. dont expect anything beleived me or have a bet???

I am afraid if SC would take notice of Faqeerya ,one day...what will happen?

Where they will send him?


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SC and all in goverment will not safty for public is for who to safe Rangers in Karachi DG Rangers Sindh, provincial Chief Secretary, IGP Sindh and Provincial and Federal Home Secretaries . They should be hang on the same street where the insedent tock place.

But law is equel and justis to every one just in papaer and very hounerable SC ,s mind only .

Heart and willpower is make pakistan is still out of course in our working framwork of pakistan. thanks.

Allah help people and poor and weak and helplesssssssssssssssss public .
Allah place talk away all power from these satans and replasement by good and feeling full people in the govermnet. ammin


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I bet no justice will be given...This case has been taken up by CJ just to show i have taken notice.....U will never get result of this case same like Sialkot bros and other cases.......Pak is in this condition coz no culprit has been punished so far and wait for more incidents to come.......coz no one has been taught a lesson by this so called court


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SC Gives Three Day Deadline To Transfer DG Rangers,IG Sindh !!!

SC gives three -day deadline to transfer DG Rangers, IG Sindh
Posed By June 10, 2011 @ 11:08 am

Video grab from footage of the firing incident in Karachi.

ISLAMABAD: A five member bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, on Friday directed the government to transfer both DG Rangers and IG Sindh over the killing of Sarfaraz Shah by Rangers personnel on Friday, DawnNews reported.
Chief Justice Iftikhar, after hearing a suo motu notice over Shahs killing, directed the government to remove from their posts DG Rangers and Sindh inspector general of police Fayyaz Leghari.
It was in Karachi, in the southern province, where Shah was killed on Wednesday.
The court warned that if the two officials were not transferred within the next three days, their salaries will be stopped.
Their salaries will be stopped and official benefits also withdrawn, a court official quoted Chief Justice Iftikhar as saying.
If the government did not do so within three days, the court itself will take action against them, he added.
Chief Justice Iftikhar had ordered the attorney general and other senior government officials to appear in court on Friday.
Two days have passed, people have not slept out of grief and shock and you did nothing, the court official quoted the judge as telling them.
Chief Justice Iftikhar appointed top police official Sultan Khawaja to investigate the matter and submit his report to the court in seven days.
In a letter, the court registrar described the shooting in cold blood as tantamount to extrajudicial killing by the law enforcing agency and a brazen violation of most essential fundamental right.
The court also directed Secretary Interior to present a report on the incident.
Chief Justice Iftikhar also directed Karachi police and Rangers to determine if there was any criminal record against Shah.


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Re: SC Gives Three Day Deadline To Transfer DG Rangers,IG Sindh !!!

SC orders removal of Sindh IG, Rangers DG in 3 days


The trial court told to decide the case in 30 days and report to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court resumes the hearing of suo motu proceedings regarding the killing of a man at the hands of Rangers on Thursday afternoon.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that a case had been registered against the young man to conceal the facts.

The CJP ordered that the Sindh Rangers DG and Sindh Police IG should be removed in three days otherwise their salaries should be held back.

The Supreme Court ordered the DIG (West Karachi) to investigate the case and also directed the trial court to decide the matter in 30 days and send a report to the court.

Earlier, the chief justice remarked that the Rangers were deployed in Karachi to stop target killing but its officials themselves were involved in the killing spree.

He said that the Rangers had not been given the mandate of killing the citizens.

The chief justice said that the Sindh inspector general of police and the Rangers director general should have resigned themselves after watching the video of the incident.

During the hearing, the chief justice snubbed the IG for lying to the court when he stated that the victim died in the hospital.

He said that a wrong report had been presented in the court and termed it an attempt to rub more salt on the people’s wounds.

The chief justice said that the boy has become the nation’s child. The court expressed doubt over the credibility of investigations under the IG.
The CJP said that investigations should be independent and called a report within three days.

Earlier, the court directed the government to remove the IG and the Rangers DG by 12:30PM.

Separately, a five-day remand of two accused has been taken by the Boat Basin police station and both will be produced in court on June 15.


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Re: SC Gives Three Day Deadline To Transfer DG Rangers,IG Sindh !!!

this is some thing ridicules order our SC is passing about the removal of heads of Sind rangers and Sind IG police.action is on its way and law shall take its own time. the individuals involve must be brought to justice there is no second opinion about it. whole country wants a speedy justice in this case.i wish to have reply to my answer IS ANY OF THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF HIGH COURT EVER ASKED TO RESIGNED ON A WRONG OR UNJUST JUDGEMENT PASSED BY HIS SUBORDINATE COURT OR JUDGE ?OR DID ANY OF THE SC JUDGE OR CHIEF JUSTICE HAS EVER BEEN ASKED TO RESIGNED IF ANY OF HIS MEMBER HAS PASSED A WRONG JUDGEMENT? i do not know i may be charged as TOHEEN E ADALAT on what i have said.but plz correct me out if their is any authenticated law expert on this forum.friends r to give their opinion about my questions. u r requested not to quote bla bla countries ministers have resigned on so and so incident.


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Re: SC Gives Three Day Deadline To Transfer DG Rangers,IG Sindh !!!

Its an appreciatable stance of SC. We should stand with independent judiciary. But i would like to bring point under consideration that why honourable Chief Justice didnt resign over Raymond Davis case because there is also a question mark over judiciary, the way they handle that case. Why CJ didnt look into 12-May killing. Why CJ dont resign over the corruption in lower courts. We all know how many innocents are in miserable conditions in jails. So CJ should also see under his nose. I really respect and regard him as an honourable person.
I do agree to start investigations against those guilty persons rather than pointing directly to head of an institution. CJ shouldnt forget he is also a head of an institution, an institution with many question marks.


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Karachi shooting: SC sends Rangers, Sindh police chiefs packing

By Qaiser Zulfiqar
Published: June 11, 2011


Court notes discrepancies in investigations, orders Accountant General to withhold salaries if transfers not made.

ISLAMABAD: A day after taking suo motu notice of the killing of 19-year-old Sarfaraz Shah by Rangers in Karachi, the Supreme Court on Friday ordered the transfer of the Director-General of Rangers in Sindh and the Inspector General of Police for the province, noting that they both were negligent in handling the case. In an unusually candid exchange, the Supreme Court justices observed that the entire terms of reference under which the Rangers were deployed in Sindh have to be reviewed and that the officials concerned should have resigned of their own accord after the incident.

A five-member bench presided by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, while disposing of the case, ordered that a notification for their removal be sent within three days, failing which the perks of both the officials would be ceased.
What is ironic is that the Sindh government continues to contest the case and tries to prove that Sarfaraz Shah was indeed a criminal and the action taken was justified. The Sindh government is also not willing to remove the officials.
In response to the court order, Sindh Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Ayaz Soomro said the provincial government will file a petition to review the decision. Advocate General Abdul Fateh Malik will file a review petition in the apex court, Soomro said without elaborating. The minister added a case has already been registered against the accused.
The Supreme Court has appointed DIG West (Karachi) Khawaja Sultan as the investigation officer in the murder case and ordered that investigations be completed within seven days by submitting a charge sheet to the relevant court. The SC further ordered a trial court hold daily hearings on the case and give its verdict within 30 days.
At the beginning of the hearing, the chief justice observed that the killing of Shah by the Rangers was a clear case of extrajudicial killing. “The law is equal for everyone. Who has given the Rangers a licence to kill? The deceased was our son,” the CJP observed.
In his defence, DG Ranger Ijaz Chadhry said that soon after the incident, the responsible jawans were suspended and taken into custody. But AGP Maulvi Anwarul Haq added that a weapon was recovered from the possession of the deceased. Sindh IGP Fayyaz Leghari said that three FIRs were registered at different times in the Boat Basin Police Station and two officers were arrested.
The first FIR was registered within two hours of the incident by complainant Afsar Khan alleging that the deceased had attempted to rob his friend and his wife. Leghari said Afsar captured the man and handed him over to the Rangers. On the same day, a second FIR was registered by the Rangers claiming that the man was carrying an illegal weapon with an intent to murder an officer. The third report was registered by the deceased’s brother Salik Shah in which he said that his brother had a quarrel in Benazir Bhutto Park where he succumbed to his injuries. He later discovered that his brother was gunned down by two Rangers personnel along with two unidentified jawans. The court observed that the FIRs were contrary to the video footage shown in the court room.
The FIRs are exaggerated and not in consonance with the footage, Justice Javed Iqbal said on which the CJP added that “there must be a transparent investigation.” After obtaining their physical remand of the personnel involved, the investigation process will start, the court was told.
“It’s a brutal murder, we will take strict action. It is the second incident this month in which innocent people have been killed,”Justice Chaudhry said in reference to the Kharotabad firing in which five foreigners, including three women, were mercilessly mowed down.
Addressing the DG Rangers, CJP said: “You should have resigned immediately after the brutal killing.” In reply, the DG Rangers admitted that it was a clear case of murder. “I am not justifying the killer’s brutal act. The jawans have been arrested, but it is a fact that my soldiers performed very well in the PNS Mehran operation,” he commented. The remark was seen as a somewhat strange justification. In reply the chief justice said: “We appreciate it, but cannot allow Rangers to kill innocent people.” Justice Iqbal added the Rangers were posted to control target killings, “but were targeting civilians instead.”
The court inquired about the person in the footage who handed over Sarfaraz to the Rangers to which the Sindh IGP submitted said the man was Afsar Khan, a local resident. The court asked why Khan’s name was not mentioned in the FIR and why the killer’s abettors were not arrested. On this, the IGP helpfully told the bench that Khan is in police custody. “When his name is not mentioned in the FIR, how has he been taken into custody?” Justice Javed Iqbal retorted.
The chief justice summarised by saying that all the FIRs have incorrect information, adding that a transparent inquiry of the event is not possible in the presence of the sitting DG Rangers and the current IGP of Sindh.
In an attempt to calm the court, Sindh Chief Secretary Subhan Memon said he “accepted responsibility” for the incident, but the CJP said that Memon, DG Rangers and the IGP should resign instead.
Justice Javed Iqbal asked the secretary interior and the AGP to revise the policy of deputing Rangers to aid police and civil administration in Karachi, adding that the notification and the charter of duty should be reviewed.
Published in The Express Tribune, June 11th, 2011.


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A criminal mind

By Mahreen Khan
Published: June 12, 2011


The writer is a barrister and a public policy graduate from Harvard University [email protected]

Sarfaraz Shah’s brutal slaying by the Sindh Rangers was disgusting, gruesome and unspeakably shocking. No matter how harsh the words used to describe this act of brutality, words are ultimately inadequate in assuaging the grief all of us, who have witnessed this crime against our humanity, have felt. When six uniformed men collude in the slaying of an unarmed civilian, surrounding him like a cornered animal and then, without so much as a flinch, watch one of their own shoot him repeatedly at close range, what can you write? When, for many minutes on end, these Rangers performed a death squad watch, circling the fallen youth as he begged for medical treatment, callously walking by him whilst he cried in agony, ensuring he bled to death, what are you supposed to feel?
This was murder in cold blood, caught on film for posterity, for all to witness. So there should be no need to write anything but condemnation of the act and the perpetrators. However, when a man of Rehman Malik’s sensitivity and legal acumen is the minister for interior, then there is plenty to write, because the minister has not even grasped the fundamentals of justice: The presumption of innocence — the concept that even comatose teenagers pick up from watching late night reruns of 80’s detective shows. Shah was accused of trying to rob a family at gunpoint. So Malik, when questioned about the Rangers’ shooting him, pronounced that Shah was a ‘criminal’ implying that this ‘fact’ was enough to justify the death. Mr Malik — it does not matter what crime he was accused of, whether he was guilty or not. Even if he had been a serial killer caught red-handed, knife dripping with blood, victims lying dead all around, his right to a trial was inviolable. That right is enshrined in every legal and religious value system in the world. Summary execution, without due process, especially by law enforcement personnel or agents of the state represents the grossest breach of public trust and rule of law.
The irony is that, on the totem pole of this city’s criminals, Sarfaraz Shah was at the very bottom, the least deserving of Malik’s indictment of him as a ‘criminal’ whose death was somehow deserved. In fact, even if the allegations against him are true, Sarfaraz Shah seems to have been an inexperienced thief with a toy gun, who came with no accomplice or means of escape. His final actions were not those of the professional criminal clever enough to keep his mouth shut, confident enough to climb into the van and get taken to a police station. Professional criminals remain calm in the knowledge that one phone call to their protectors will have them out in no time. Shah panicked and begged for he had no protector. He was not part of the city’s drug or weapons mafia, he was not a political party thug or a killer. The fact is, Mr Rehman Malik, it is Sarfaraz Shah’s lack of criminal credentials that got him killed.
This city’s residents have, in the past, cried in disbelief as Rangers and police personnel have stood by watching gangs of armed youth looting, killing, maiming and rampaging. It is openly known that these very personnel would not dare even approach those who routinely terrorise this city. Kidnappers, killers, bombers, extortionists, mafias and robbers operate at will, with neither hindrance nor fear. The use of force by those tasked to protect us is instead used against the weak, the hapless and often the innocent. The Rangers personnel have committed an unjustifiable, unequivocal act of murder. They must face trial and receive the most severe punishment available: The death penalty. They have deprived a man of his life, in a most cruel manner, disgraced their uniform and shattered the public trust.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 12th, 2011.


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when rangers have fired the point of gun was lower portion of the body,that shows that ranger jawan has no intention of killing him. although this act it self is not allowed and they should be brought to justice.if their intention was to kill him they could have shot him on upper portion of body. as regards my opinion about the order passed by the court,one could read it in the beginning.i wish the national interest cases like NRO,money laundering,corruption and so many other cases be disposed off so speedily. sorry to say but it is a fact that WATER FLOWS DOWN our country LAW is for weak and poor or we can call it for ordinary AWAM.