Sawal Yeh Hai - 4th September 2011 - 1st of all Pakistan


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Thanks dr.danish very nice topic which needs the attention at the most. All the pakistanis love their country from the core of their heart but why they dont go back to serve and invest in pakistan because there is no security of life and property to them by the govt.Thousands of pakistanis went to pakistan to settle but they came back with a story of tragic incidents. Lets start from the airport ,the custom officials are after the overseas pakistanis to give them dollars otherwise they dont let you go -only those leave who have connections.The problems start as soon you boarded PIA and then keeps going on. My friend sold his high tech business to settle in karachi ,as soon he reached home with his family , same night four guys came and took all their jewelry and dollars -before leaving they shot my friend but fortunately he survived and came back to US.I swear to God this is a 100% true story,my heart goes to him.There are many many stories like this in the country all over, I want to make it clear one thing that some mpa from political parties have their links overseas and want to know who is coming to which city and how his monetary condition is so they can rob them and the informer gets 20% of the loot .These animals dont have any human feelings ,only criminal mentality . why govt dont pay attention to law and order situation.If pakistan is going through turmoil and have leaders like this ,its a punishment from God just because of some black sheeps and bad apples in the society which have to be eliminated at any cost otherwise nation will pay the price for ever.Do the deweaponisation in the country starting from karachi,time limit should be 3 to 4 weeks, if someone caught with weapons after the deadline ,send him behind bar for 10 years.make anti-terrorist courts and punish them on the evidence of policemen-nobody will come forward to give evidence against these gangsters.Pakistan needs a cultural revolution like "CHINA" to eliminate all the criminals ,drug mafias ,Qabza groups,target killers and the militant groups of all the political parties .No politicise the police and no favour to no one.Pakistan have to sacrifice one million people who come in these categories then nation and pakistanis will take a sigh of relief.
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