Reham Khan ka kafila


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;)بے مقصد بھائی ، چار سو پچاس پولیس والوں کو ریحام خان نے اپنی گاڑیوں میں نہیں بٹھا نا تھا ،وہ سرکاری گاڑیوں پہ آئے تھے

بیارے بھائی! کسی بھی میڈیا نے سولہ گاڑیوں سے زیادہ کا نہیں بتایا۔ آپ نے ایک نئی شرلی چھوڑ دی۔ 450 پولیس اہلکاروں کا تعلق بنوں اور گرد و نواح سے تھا۔


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آپ کی حاضر دماغی اور حاضر جوابی پہ سلام پیش کرتا ہوں ، یعنی آج کل پولیس سیاستدنوں کی گاڑیوں پہ اپنی ڈیوٹی کے مقام پہ پہنچتی ہے (bigsmile)

وعلیکم السلام!۔
جی ہاں ۔ایک سیاست دان کی گاڑی میں 28.125 پولیس والے بیٹھتے ہیں۔



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Personal life is a representative of one's persona for leading the public. That's true everywhere, even in the West. (Remember how American took Clinton to task for lying about his personal private affair with Monica?)

You're sitting in the USA and talking such ignorance - it's really sad.

Libel suits are the strongest in the US and UK, among other developed nations. What you said was completely incorrect and this is why I keep saying that all you're doing is justifying zana.

Like I said, all cases here in USA are transparent, but take ages to complete (not like 17 years in Pakistan, but 5/6 years), there are way more settlements out side of the court then court. For example, credit card money is often taken out and then the users refuse to pay back, because the amount is in most cases below $20000 and even smaller per credit card, so when each credit card company files a suite against someone and that someone comes up with some paperwork done of his own, all most all of the time the credit card recovery company gives up because the lawyer will cost more than they can recover plus way more time. The decision goes in favor of the guy who ate the money and is not paying back.
Another example is that if I go to McDonalds, and slip & fall, because of an employee who just washed the floor didn't put the 'Wet Sign', so am I going to sue the employee? No, I will sue the McDonalds, because this will get me big bucks. To your surprise this some law applies if someone invites me to their house and I fall because they neglected to warn of the dangers in their house, the question is whether I will sue them? I have to first see the cost to me (lawyer) and the time it will take (minimum 5 years), then I have to see the potential compensation (how rich is the guy who I am going to sue? Will he be even able to pay something?). So why will I saw someone in Libel suits when there will be more cost then compensation? Yes personal life builds your credibility, and Kaptaan didn't steal the country's money, he only worked for the benefit of the country, so I will look at his rest of the personal life and give him the benefit of doubt.