PTI not to attend MQM Jalsa in Lahore: Omer Cheema


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But you are still the worst enemy of AH and MQM.:lol: That made you the enemy of PTI also because of their recent development with AH and MQM. How come you bear me??????????(clap)


Bus sub kuch ek dum sey acha deikhney ki khawahish ney juzbati ker diya, but I must say you are a friend in need is a friend indeed.


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yaar tum bachon ki bhi ajeeb haalt hai. pti key decision ko chorekar aapas hi main ulajh gaye

why dont you all give yourown perspective on the possible impact of pti's denial to attend mqm's jalsa. this could prove to be a landmark decision in coming years

Patriot ka pahla jalsa abbasi bhai key ghar mein hoga (bigsmile)(bigsmile)

،سو بسم اللہ
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