Protestors and dead conscious Rulers/Leaders/Inherited Politician


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Every day we are watching protests. Protestors are doctors, teachers, factory workers, nurses, leady health workers, aviation staff and many others. These all protestors have only and only one demand, over rights, which governments has been fail to deliver them. That country where everyday strikes and protests are being observe, mean there government not working.
Over both governments center and provincial level has been fail to solve problem of people, they are fail to deliver people and morally they have no right to rule this country. In democratic countries where elected or selected people are serving, if they think that we are falling to serve over people, they resigned and give chance to other people for do job better. But in Pakistani democracy which is also designed by present dirty leaders or their ancestors not give right of resignation if fail to deliver. Pakistani democracy gives more honors to those politicians which are corrupt, believing on nepotism, right to violate merit. Gives right to seized right of people.
General democracy which is practicing all over world except Pakistan give lesson to ruler that you are servants of people of your country, you have to fight for the rights of your people, you have to make policies only and only in favor of your people, you have to serve country like a father, all people of your country are same like your family and you have to protect them and many other good thing that democracy give them. Western democracy give them lesson that all people have same right like education for all, medical standard same for all, employment for all and many other rights for all.
Now we come to Pakistani democracy designed by culprits giving lesson that people are your slaves and you are their master, they have no right to sit with masters; they have no right to live same like master. According to Pakistani democracy no education, no medical, no clean water, no electric power, no gas and other facilities for slaves, these facilities only for masters. These democracy designers know very well that if we will give them education then they will question us. I have seen in inertial Sind that land owner sits on chair and farm labors sits on ground, they only can say yes to his master, these masters behaving with public of Pakistan like their farming labors. These master policies are only for their own families not for people of Pakistan. They never like a quality education system in Pakistan because their children get quality education from abroad. They have no worry about medical situation in Pakistan because they get treatment from America or UK by paying bill from public exchequer. They have no worry about clean water because they are drinking mineral water imported from France by paying from public exchequer, they respect only people of their rank, they give lesson to their children that you are ruler of this country, you have to deal people of Pakistan like slaves, you have to say from mouth that over power is people of Pakistan but practically you have to make policies against these people rights to keep them slaves and to get respect from them.
Innocent people of Pakistan never tried to understand these rulers and their tactics, innocent public always give them respect which they never deserve in 21st century. People think they will bring better days and prosperous living style for them, people are living in fool paradise, these culprits will never bring prosperity for people, these vultures never give you rights, these dead conscience leaders will never make policies for peoples bright future.
If we have to develop over self and make over country a respected country in the world, then we have to choose sincere people from over society, we have to reject this slave regime by over vote. We have to educate over people about politician dirty mentality. We need to work hard to educate over children with quality education, we have to educate over people to bring a disciplined community or society.
I pray to ALLAH for over bright and prosperous future and become a united, disciplined and educated nation..