Prime Minister awards SAMAA TV 3 BRAND OF THE YEAR AWARDS for creating Pakistans first innovative co

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Karachi, 15th May - Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani awarded SAMAA TV, one Pakistans leading newschannel with 3 Brand of the Year awards at the 3rd annual Brands of the Year Award 2009, which was held at the Karachi Governor House.
SAMAA TV was the only media channel to take home 3 separate awards for its contribution in creating brands, which aimed at improving the socio-economic situation of Pakistan. Innovation, a television program featured on SAMAA TV received the Brand of the Year 2009 in a category recognizing products and services that sharpen public focus on processes of innovation and competitiveness in Pakistan. The award was given to SAMAA for launching Pakistans first dedicated program on innovation and for establishing the genre as an important journalistic beat in Pakistan. The Program has been recognized as the key source through which the journalistic coverage of innovation processes and ecosystems in Pakistan has been integrated into the national socio-economic development plan. The program has also been applauded for playing a leading role in bringing local issues of innovative development to the forefront of public awareness in Pakistan.
The second prestigious Brand of the Year Award was given to SAMAA for developing Pakistans first innovative health communication model titled the Polio Control Cell (PCC). The PCC was established to bridge the outreach and communication gaps between the health delivery services and the public during the National Polio Campaign. Since its inception in 2008, the PCC has received up to 36,000 calls from parents complaining about the non availability of the polio field teams. Due to combined efforts between the PCC team, the district Health officers across Pakistan and the 75.000 polio field team members, more than 100,000 children under the age of five were ensured immunization against the polio virus. The PCC acted as a watchdog on the health delivery services, putting the government health officials under pressure to reach the sensitive and neglected areas. Without its efforts, more than 100,000 children would have been included in the missed target group.
The SAMAA higher management including Mr. Imtiaz Zaidi, CEO, Mr. Fahd Haroon, Director Communications and Mr. Jonathan Mark, Director Sales received the awards by the Prime Minister. Speaking at the event, Mr. Gillani congratulated the winning companies and applauded the Brand of the Year initiative. He named the initiative crucial for b*****ng Pakistan on both national and international forums and depict a more constructive and positive image of the country and its people.
Speaking to the SAMAA management, the team members expressed great honor in receiving the prestigious recognition in the field of communications. The SAMAA team shared that the media carries the strongest role in carrying forward the main pillars for socio-economic development, and it must stay committed to the issues which affect the national eco-system. SAMAA said that their aim is to address issues which are basic but also crucial for the long term development. They also shared that it was important to brand such initiatives so that they become associated with the excellence of an industry and especially Pakistan.
With more than 550 other competitors from various industries, SAMAA TV marked its achievements and recognition through a nationwide consumer survey and an expert panel analysis.
SAMAA TV is the only media channel in Pakistan, which has been recognized both national as well as internationally for being a responsible business operator using innovation journalism techniques as part of business strategy. This acknowledgement was given to SAMAA by the Asian Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility, who awarded SAMAA the Asian CSR Excellence Award 2009 as the only channel in Asia being a responsible business operator creating value for its viewers and empowering marginalized communities for a better tomorrow. SAMAA has also recently won the National CSR Excellence Award 2009, which no channel has received so far.

The Pakistani brands holding remarkable name and reputation on national and international level are selected for the Brand of the Year Award as per criteria based on three elements; company profile, current year brand market standing and nationwide consumer survey. Nominations are forwarded to the Brands University for Focus Group Study & Survey. The Brands University in collaboration with the Brands Bureau International - London conducts a nationwide consumer survey to determine the current market standing of the Brands and their popularity among the consumers. The organization obtaining the highest marks in a total of all three sectors is entitled for Brand of the Year Award.
In addition to the awards for Innovation, SAMAA TV also won the Brand of the Year, 2009 award in the category of Best Emerging News Channel of Pakistan".

SAMAA TV is one of Pakistans leading private satellite television channels, which takes pride in its fair, factual and independent news coverage through its on-the-hour bulletins, breaking stories, incisive political analysis and current affairs programs. The channel has also made a niche for itself through its programs on women and youth issues besides infotainment and sports. SAMAA TV, launched in December 2007 has network of district correspondents and five bureaus across Pakistan.


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