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Muslims in US Politices

Sarah Zaman, Urdu VOA News, Washington.
Democratic Congressman Andre Carson is the second Muslim American in US history to serve in the House of Representatives. He says that Islam does not pose a challenge to him in his politics and that in his job he follows the Islamic principle of treating others with respect even if they disagree with him. He says Muslims are playing a vital role in American society today and hearings organized by Peter King about extremism among Muslim Americans only divide people, therefore, Muslims they need to increase their visibility on the Hill as lobbyists and elected officials to fight the negative stereotypes surrounding Islam and Muslims in America. Speaking about the dissatisfaction with politicians among Pakistanis and Americans, Carson says that politics should not be reactionary and politicians should be given the room to work but if they disrespect the public's trust in them, then they should not be elected again. On the occasion of American Independence Day, Carson says that he feels proud of those struggling for reform and civil liberties in the Arab world and that once regime change and/or reforms happen, the burden of responsibility should be shouldered by both the people and the politicians.