1. L

    'Israel protests silent on occupation issue'

  2. L

    Politics of U.S. Occupation - Aljazeerah International Documentary Film

  3. L

    Afghans, U.S. Feud Over 'Occupation'

    KABUL - The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan has publicly reproached President Hamid Karzai for painting American forces here as occupiers and enemies — one of the strongest signs yet that international allies are no longer willing to excuse his harangues as harmless domestic politicking. U.S...
  4. hans

    Pakistan NECULAR BOMB and its Political Strategies.

    I am bit confused, If Iran manufacture an N-Bomb. Its a clear and present danger for Israel and Great Middle East. What About Pakistan N-Bomb does our Pakistani N-bomb not a Threat for Israel? Surprisingly I have never heard a single threat from Pakistani Government to Israel...

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