Please vote for Masjid being built in Australia but disputed.


Assalam-o-Alaikum Warahmatu'ALLAAH Wabarakatuh!


Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, please vote here "For" in the poll for a Masjid being built but the residents are divided! Don't consider your time being wasted as ALLAAH Sub-haanahu Wa Ta'aala will surely reward you for going to the site and voting "For" the Masjid, Insha ALLAAH! :jazak:. Please, share as many as you can through Facebook. :jazak:

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We are not resident there so why you asking outsider to get involve? Let local people decide.

love you pak

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22 I live here I had never heard such issue. as per Aus law you can't move it if it is legally constructed after proper approvals
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