Please Pakistanis wake up before you are destoyed by Zionist Jewish and Christian conspiracy.

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One thing that I have never doubted that it is a war against Islam by the Judo-Christian sisters. After the collapse of communism from the world in nearly 90's (thanks to Muslims mujahedeens and gazis), the West has taken on Islam as its enemy no 1 because it condemns capitalism, materialism, secularism, immorality and debauch way of western way of life. Islamic Sharia and its socio-economic ideology is a direct threat to Zionist Jewish and Western economic system because it encourages exploitation of masses by the few.

It is the Islamic Sharia in entirety, jurisprudence and social welfare that challenges head on western civilizations corrupt, immoral, lewd and accumulation of the wealth by few and exploitation of the masses. As long as Muslims adhere to the five pillars of Islam, the Judo-Christianity is accommodating but the moment you talk about Islamic Sharia and its family laws, inheritance laws, penal codes, social welfare ideology, equality and brotherhood of mankind and its economic system, we are labelled as fundamentalist and terrorists.

The Western Judo-Christian civilization have ganged together like mafia dons to crush Islam and Muslim aspiration to become once a great civilization it was before the Rena naissance. Every since Pakistan became a nuclear power and progressing in its technological development, it has become a big thorn stuck into the backsides of USA, Anglo-Saxon Europeans and Zionist Jews. These selfish super power gangster, mobsters and evil monsters have ganged together to destroy Pakistan economically as well as militarily so that it does not inspire any other Muslim to become a nuclear power.

This precisely the reason that Irq was illegally invaded by lying shamelessly about non-existent of WMDS and destroyed because Saddam had the ambition to become a nuclear capable state. It is a even a crime for a Muslim state to have the ambition to become a nuclear power and it the reason that these western gangsters are victimizing Iran because its potential and ambition to become a nuclear power. Col Gaddafi had the ambition but succumbed to their political blackmail and pressure and decommissioned his ability to g o nuclear is now paying a heavy price.

USA, Anglo-Saxon Europeans and Zionists have long planned and conspired to disintegrate Pakistan and have installed their boot-licking, toe-sucking and shoe-shining corrupt politicians and leader in power and these dishonest and insincere and corrupt politicians are doing as told by their western masters. Pakistan is no longer a sovereign state but it has become a puppet and its strings are controlled by Washington to dsance to the western tunes.


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Saladin A

Bhai your sentiments are true to a point, Main point is your understanding about western societies and what they have as per your conception done wrong to Islam. I beg to differ with you my Brother. Most of the Muslims who come to these countries flourish as there is honesty, there is free education there is opportunity. You be surprised to hear that most Muslim make it good here.

In western There is no bribery, no nepotism, meaning no one has his son waiting in wings to be the next ruler or prime minster. free medical, if one is unable to work due to health reasons Govt. will provide you with Housing, transportation and monthly expenditures,

There are women shelter for those women who been divorced, and or have been mistreated and need to get away from abusive spouses. orphans are adopted by all families, if a family can afford to adopt a child they will prefer to adopt from poor countries.

They are very merciful to animals, dogs are looked after by every family who adopts them in a very caring manners. they arer groomed. kept clean and are treated by vets if they need to be.

Make your own weapons, and your own universities, your own food supplies, your own water and power, your own cars, invent your own stuff, create environment that is clean and livable, clean roads, install and water plants and than all should wnat to come to Muslim countries for education, for jobs and for living in peaceful and clean and free, than and only than it is Islamic environment.

In most Muslim countries rulers are subservient and look after the need of others than their own children, families and friends, how can those be called Muslim rulers and Muslim countries.

In west People drive like very civilized humans, in lines, let those who are front stay in front and no one bypasses to to be in the front, only if traffic allows by rules of the road than you can be in the front, but you made it in the front, than no one will try to come in front of you at the traffic light.

You will not even think of bribing a police officer, and yes we call them officer, they are very polite and very honest, if one police officer is found to be dishonest, he is tried and if convicted, will face the jail time.

On all occasions every one lines up without even thinking that he or she is in a hurry, water, power IS CHEAP AND AVAILABLE TO Any one at a moments notice. If your heating fails during winter they will come within a day or two, if an old couple has heating failure during winter time they will prefer them on others due to their old age.

There are food banks which run on donated food by citizens and they look after all the hungry families, tons of food is donated every year by families who can afford to do so.

Education is the best in the world, many of our student prefer to get education here than their own countries. Education is very precise, involved, extensive, brilliant, informative and most of all accessible to all. Many many great institutions as universities, colleges ands schools are built in each locality.

We are responsible for our troubles, western societies where I live are very open to any ideas that will help to make science, technology, beliefs better, they will adopt it.If we as Muslims wan to convey to them about the goodness of Islam, we must not attack and kill innocents folks that live in these countries, we should convince them with Humbleness, politeness and this excellent behavior conveyed to us by our Great Prophet Mohammed S.A.A.S.

Our Prophet S.A.A.S. was always tolerant of the unfair things done to him and his Suhabas, he never used his powers to destroy his enemies, he could if wanted to, Jibrael A.S. offered our Great Prophet his readiness to help if Our beloved prophet like him to destroy any one or any Nation but our prophet told Jibrael A.S. that he is came to man kind to be merciful and not to destroy and kill.

So my Brother try to see the facts as compare tom our countries and see for your self who is more close to Islam, more of Islamic way is adopted by these countries, as for as they customs are concerned, we can only convince them by our behavior of being clean, cites as systemic as theirs, rules followed as they do here, education to surpass as compare to here. Police as approachable as approachable as it here, If i wanted to complaint to the police In one of Muslim countires i will be ignored, insulterd and asked for bribe if i insisted for assistance.

So let us not blame others, we must clean our own house and go from there.
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The Muslim young and the new breed of radicals want equality with the Western counterparts and no less. They cannot grasp the fact that the Muslim world, once a leader over its centuries-old adversary, should submit to his immoral dominance. The aristocracy of the Muslim world is happy accepting this dominance of the infidels, but these new fanatics of Osama bin Laden have the misconceived notion that they can liberate their brethren from humiliation by violent means. It is an audacious struggle but bound to fail because terrorism will result in nothing but bloodshed of the innocent Muslims. This resentment will linger on and violence is not an end to achieve the objectives.

I agree with you that first, it is essential that Muslims detach themselves from this stereotype notion and a kind of entropy of mind that all is good in my garden and everything bad in my neighbour's garden. If Muslims want to regain their lost glory and dignity, they must become more inventive - as they were once the leaders in science, medicine, astronomy and engineering etc - and unite under the banner of the glorious Koran and not be counted as people of different sects forbidden in Islam. The West wants that the Muslim world adopts its values and prevails, but why should Muslims follow Western culture and their way of life that is decadent, immoral, vulgar, materialistic, selfish, and racist and declining fast? The Americans and the West have become the judges, jury and executors of justice as it suits them and are the cause of the most of the evils that inflict our world today. West leave us alone to live in peace and stop inflicting us with their imperialistic designs, policies and desire to regain ugly imperialism.

I wish to say that religion is at the heart of every culture and both are socio-biological structures. They cannot and need not be justified or proved rationally, but this does not mean that religion is a subhuman phenomenon or just an emotional structure that evinces blindfolded loyalty, especially Islam. In fact, religion in all corners of the world has always attempted to condition the human animal into an ideal type such as would be amenable to the continuous cerebral preponderance over strong emotional drives. Religion has so far been the only way to make irretrievably divided human beings, continuously torn between the material and spiritual, into a single moral human being. Religion uses emotions as well as reason in order to condition the individual human being through culturally adaptive practices. From [the] Islamic point of view religion is, therefore, in the nature of man and is not something added to it by accident. It is not luxury but the very raison d'etre from human existence. And it is religion alone which bestows upon human life its dignity, which allows man to live the fullness of the reality, or nature, which Allah has bestowed upon him and which alone provides ultimate meaning to human life, and we Muslims believe it [to be] necessary ... for human existence.

We must reject Western civilization of lewd morality, abundant in violence, crime, drug abuse, rapes, free condoms, illegitimate and teenage pregnancies, paedophiles and open sex going on in every nearest corner.

Islam envisages religion as not just a part of life but as the whole of it. In fact, al-Islam or al-din sees itself as life itself and it incorporates what we do, what we make, what we think, what we feel as well as address the question of where we come from and where we are going. In the traditional Islamic perspective there is nothing secular, nothing outside the realm that is governed by religion ordained by Allah. There is inter-relation between all things that Allah has created and there is unity that runs through the whole of Allah's created order and through human society if that society is to be Islamic. There must be unity in human life; there must be unity in the relationship between man and the world of nature; there must be unity in human thought; there must be unity what man makes, in the art, the architecture and cities which he creates. All of these forms of unity reflect the wisdom and will of Allah in our world, the will which is embodied most concretely in the divine law. Islamic doctrine is based on revealing of the total nature of divinity of Allah, who is the one without a partner; never begotten and does not beget. That is the heart of the Islamic message and Islam came to the world so that man could know the unity of Allah.
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So My friend start from top and work your way down, but please no violence or killings. Make institutions such as Universities, colleges and schools and have such reputations that all students in the world want to come to Islamic countries for education and than you show them you discipline, humbleness, piousness and cleanliness, readiness to help and or general welcome and wellbeing.

Revenues earned from students coming to educate would be enormous, besides the reflection of society about it being pure, non-violent and helping will attract their attention and who knows may be they will think to become part of Islam seriously.

Most importantly in the future world those who have fertile lands and can produce food would be the masters, so Pakistan can and should develop it agriculture to the max and reap the enormous benefits it can. what is Pakistani rich and middle class waiting for. they are in possession of gold mines as for as Punjab is concerned.

You will not need foreign help in the way of finances as you will export Cars, Rails, planes, And all other necessities of life. Big time earnings.

Being such all would like to adopt Muslim dress codes, Muslim food and Muslim way of thinking. so Please think seriously about what I am saying. Put your mind to it get rid of Munafigs, traitors, and those who scheme.

Stop making DHARNAS and instead use that time to clean up a city, now that will be big statement, stop burning property, start acting like real Muslims and than Allah S.W.T. will help you.

You will see how fast it will improve Life of common man and respect for Islam.

Just do It.
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