Pakistans nuclear weapons are 200% safe : Malik


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Malik ka HOOSH O HAWAAS mai pehla
Lagta hai aaj peenay ko nahi milli
Dair Ayyad Darust Ayyad


what do we really have that we are so concerned about our nuke arsenal anyway? just some JF-17 and 80's tech f-16 all in together would make up to 200 whereas when compared india's su-30MKI with our this hyped JF-17, the former is far more superior & giving us nullifying advantage over indian su-30, to add more to this cruel irony - we have nothing to combat their recently purchased eurofighters and at last comes our NAVY already with nothing, yet india's been exchanging navy vessels with russia,australia,usa etc - WHY DO WE WORRY ABOUT OUR NUKE ARSENALS? THE $500MLN IS ONLY SPENT ON BUYING A 5 STAR GENERAL 7 SERIES & TO PAY for their golf or other extravagant luxuries, they can not even buy our jawans night vision goggles and our jawans bichara still using the old ak-47, yet the talibans are more advanced than our pak army - at least they possess laser sniper rifles & night vision goggles, if they spend $500mln WE WANT TO SEE NOT THIS STUPID JF-17 BUT FC-20 FROM CHINA WHICH WILL BE A COMBAT TO INDIAN STEALTHS AND EUROFIGHTERS, end of story dont fear our nuke - trust me they have no interest, indians have no interest as they know where we and where they stand


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I hope he does not know where they are.... otherwise...

ان كا الله هي حافظ ...


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I hope he does not know where they are.... otherwise...

ان كا الله هي حافظ ...

Even Zaradri/Gilani do not know the exact location where the real nukes are. If they knew, we would have lost the nukes long time ago and Americans would have left.

When needed, only a dummy presentation is given to the commander in chief, w/o disclosing the actual localtion where they are stocked.