1. moazzamniaz

    In Swat, a mother anxiously waits for her sons safe return

    In Swat, a mother anxiously waits for her son’s safe return By Fazal Khaliq Published: August 30, 2011...
  2. Geek

    Terror safe havens in Afghanistan: Pak Army

    ISPR DG has said terror safe havens are in Afghanistans Kund and Nuristan areas. In an interview with a foreign broadcast company, Maj-Gen Athar Abbas said terrorists from Swat have found Kund and Nuristan as safe havens and they launch cross-border attacks inside Pakistan. He said the...
  3. P

    corruption is their protection,corruption keeps them safe in war,corruption is why they win..... ye log corruption ko farogh dety hain just to attain their interests and that's pathetic.......
  4. PkRevolution

    ISRAEL must be de-nuclearised!!! Israel's nuclear weapon not in safe hands.

    Israeli Terror against Muslims. Muslims responsible for so called Holocaust?? Hitler's revenge from muslims?? Are Nuclear assets of Israel safe?? Israel, who believes on terror, who threatened Iran many times. These Nuclear Assets in the hand of irresponsible Israel a threat to Muslims.
  5. J

    Pakistans nuclear weapons are 200% safe : Malik

    Rehman Malik said the country has strong monitoring and control mechanisms in place to protect its atomic programme, He added that Pakistans nuclear weapons are 200% safe SOURCE :
  6. S

    Why Karachi is Safe Heaven for Terrorists

    Why Karachi is Safe Heaven for Terrorists
  7. K

    Pak Nukes Secure and Safe says Chief Nuclear Scietist Dr. Sammar Mubarikmand. Videos Urdu.

    He says only secret nummbers can activate the nukes. Interview with Javaid Ch.
  8. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 4th May 2011 - Pakistan a Safe Heaven for Terrorists - Now Nation Have To

  9. Geek

    IAEA terms Pak nuclear program safe, secure

    ISLAMABAD: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Monday declared the nuclear program of Pakistan as safe and secure and appreciated the obvious dedication to the safety and security of the regulators as well of operators. Talking to national news agency on the sidelines of "International...
  10. moazzamniaz

    ISI safe houses put citizens at risk

    Soft Targets: Safe houses put citizens at risk By Saba Imtiaz Published: April 2, 2011 Offices...

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