Terror safe havens in Afghanistan: Pak Army


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ISPR DG has said terror safe havens are in Afghanistans Kund and Nuristan areas.

In an interview with a foreign broadcast company, Maj-Gen Athar Abbas said terrorists from Swat have found Kund and Nuristan as safe havens and they launch cross-border attacks inside Pakistan.

He said the militants and their leaders namely Fazalullah, Faqir Muhammad, Abdul Wali and Hakimullah have hideouts in these areas. He said when the NATO was pulling out its troops from these areas, Pakistan had conveyed its well-founded concerns.

Commenting on a video showing killing of 27 troops in a Dir village, the DG said the incident took place on June 1 and is being investigated to trace the culprits. He said 50 to 60 Tehrik-e-Taliban Swat militants crossed over into Pakistan and brutally martyred the Pakistani troops in an attack on their check-post.

He said the militants were led by Hafeezullah alias Kotchwan, Muftiuddin alias Shabbar and three other terror commanders from Toormila. The ISPR DG said though the Army couldnt directly act in Kuntar, a commission has been set up in Peshawar to see what possible action should be taken.