PAKISTAN & USA Relations after Abbottabad Operation- UPDATES


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Dear brothers & Sisters,

As all of us shocked on hearing Abbottabad operation by USA. And everyone start getting worried about sovereignty of our motherland. And start search for truth but till no one able find truth only we all relay on both side media. We don't tell who tell truth & who tell lies.

After little bit time i read most of threads regarding this issue. And i got an idea why we don't merged all threads related this issue so everyone get complete information at one thread. throught this way we can read all updated & merged all threads related one issue with help to give idea that who is what.

Dear mods... i would suggest you to merged threads related to this issue in this thread. This way you can keep front page updated more important issues. You dont have to delete them you just merged them in updating threads.

Mods plz dont delete this thread. Merge of threads or keeping them alive show freedom for thread starter. But deleting means imposing/ implement your views/decisions on starter or members. Even its your intention to do but show like this.


Now next american target is Quetta council and Mullah Umer.... be ready. Ab tera kia ho ga....mullah omer?? tujhy kon bachay ga.

Pakistan and Taliban love affair is near to end.