News Beat - 30th May 2011 - Exclusive - Inside PNS MEHRAN AIR BASE

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Re: News Beat - 30th May 2011 -Scenes From PNS Mehran Base - Two Navy Personnel Arrested From Lahore

Thanks nice efforts. I would like to draw the attention to a very important issue which was ignored by our "Home Minister" intentionally or unintentionally about the six american technicians who were working on the planes. They got out of the country quitely and no one knows this whereas the 11 chinese technicians are still in the country.what about the six US technicians were giving the militants inside report on their walkie talkie ?does any one think about it and why those technicians were not included in the investigation. Now I know why rehman Malik was not interested in the investigation ? Does the Home Minister have the courage to explain all this to the nation ?
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Abdul Wah

It is enough with the conspiracy theory, try to find out the enemies with in ourselves.Who are these people playing in the hands of our enemies,are not they Pakistani? Then why blame America or someone else.From the days of Zia ul Haq people with beards and Hafiz Quran started given preference over moderates while recruitment in the three services. This resulted in penetration of jihadi elements in our forces, and we cannot win the war against terrorism without screening out these elements from our forces.