1. E

    PML-N leader arrested for involvement in Mehran base attack
  2. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 29th June 2011 - Discussion On MQM Separation & Attack on PNS Mehran

  3. janbazali

    Great Father of PNS Mehran's Shaheed

    PNS Mehran - Beware Of Propaganda Against Pakistani Military
  4. Bilal_Mushi

    Anglo-Indian involved in PNS Mehran attack: DNA report

    Anglo-Indian involved in PNS Mehran attack: DNA report According to DNA test, all the attackers were Anglo-Indian and had a close relation with each other. Police sources told the Dunya News, two separate samples of all the four accused had been sent for DNA test to identify their...
  5. B

    Extremely brave Rehman Malik at PNS Mehran (Spoof by BNN)

  6. Bilal_Mushi

    The preliminary investigation report of PNS Mehran attack : 7-8 terrorists fled the naval base

    7-8 terrorists fled Mehran base: report Updated on: Monday, June 06, 2011 1:22:54 AM Staff Report KARACHI: The preliminary investigation report of PNS Mehran attack has revealed that 7-8 terrorists fled the naval base after launching attacks on Pakistan navy, SAMAA reported late Sunday. The...
  7. PkRevolution

    Kyani sahb!!! Ye Kia ho raha he??? Osama Failure? PNS Mehran? Afghan Attack 700-800 militants ISAF t

    Kyani Sahb!! Pakistani Qome ka ek Beta ap se Guzarish kerta he ke It is high time to announce U-Turn on War on Terror. We have enough of it. Please announce U-Turn on WOT. I think you have no other choice left. If you want pakistani nation stand behind Pak. forces you must do this right now.
  8. Night_Hawk

    Pak Navy admits security failure in PNS Mehran incident

    * Pakistan Navy Vice Admiral Shafqat Javed briefs Senate Standing Committee for Defence about the incident By Tanveer Ahmed ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Navy, on Tuesday, admitted that security failure led to the terrorist attack on PNS Mehran naval airbase. The navy also assured that it would...
  9. S

    Private channels were openly shooting Sensitive Areas in PNS Mehran - Hr shakh pe ullu baitha he

    Is mulk me kitney rehman malik hain????????????
  10. News Beat

    News Beat - 30th May 2011 - Exclusive - Inside PNS MEHRAN AIR BASE
  11. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 30th May 2011 - Special Programe - Who Is Behind the Attacks On PNS Mehran ??

  12. C

    PNS Mehran: Ex-Navy commando held - Another Mir Jafer !! Why these MIR jaffers are amongst us only !

    US planning Civil War in Pakistan :swordfight: لاہور:نیوی کے سابق کمانڈو کامران احمد کوحراست میں لے لیا گیا، ذرائع Pakistan's Navy commando Kamran Ahmed along with his two supporters has been arrested: geo news LAHORE: A former Pakistan Navy Commando and two of his associates...
  13. In Session

    Insession - 29th May 2011 - Air Marshal Shahid Latif & Ad Taveer - Attack On Mehran Base--- Danger

  14. A Khokar

    Several Staff members broke faith at Mehran Naval base

    'Koi Aour to naheen hay Pas e khanjar Azmaie' It is a chilling developing story of Meharan Naval base and the armed personals of this base giving a great set back to the entire nation and the image of its Armed Forces. This story starts when General Ziaul Haque during his tenure used...
  15. C

    Four international intelligence agencies are involved in Mehran attack.

    Express news has reported that FOUR intelligence agencies are involved in Mehran Naval Base Attack. Poori dunya he hamaray nuclear program ko destroy karnay k bahaanay soch rahee hai :angry_smile::angry_smile...
  16. Sirf Such

    Sirf Sach - 27th May 2011 - An Interview with the Family of Lt. Yasir Shaheed (PNS Mehran)

  17. QaiserMirza

    Raymond Davis aides attacked PNS Mehran - Hameed Gul

  18. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 26th May 2011 - Mujib u Rehman Shami & Qazi Hussain - Disclosure: PNS Mehran Attackers

  19. Jirga

    Jirga - 26th May 2011 - Haroon Rasheed - Who Are They?? Whom to Cause Loss From Karachi To Wazirist

  20. 11th Hour

    11th Hour - 25th May 2011 - Gen Rtd Pervez Musharaf - Terrorist's Attack On PNS Mehran