New York Times claims that Pakistan Army is in deep pressure on current political turmoil


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international media is trying to pressurize Pak Army on meddling into politics and ? satisfactory results of zarb e azab.....

it is evident that there is int'l help for nawaz...and i wonder what he has promised them in return...?? one thing is for sure....NS and company are hell bent in trying to defame Pak wont happen INSHALLAH..

NS is not just a retarded liar ...he is a criminal too and a serious threat to Pakistan.....


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آرمی بری طرح پھنس چکی ہے کیونکی زید حامد جسے جھوٹے احمکوں کے منصوبوں میں اپنے آپ کو ذلیل کر دیا ہے اس نے اب اگر آرمی نے مارشل لگا بھی دیا تو یہ ذلّت کے اتھاہ گہرایوں میں گر جایے گی