Moonis Ilahi the richest MPA in Punjab


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"The Election Commission (EC) issued details of assets of Punjab and Sindh Assemblies members.

According to the provided details, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has declared total assets worth Rs 240.

Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shan owns assets of more than Rs 10.19 million. His bank balance is Rs0.2 million.Shazia Marri has only declared assets worth Rs 0.2 million.

According to Election Commission, Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif has declared assets worth Rs 240 million. Speaker Punjab Assembly possesses property of worth Rs 3 million. His bank balance is Rs 25,000.Rana Sanaullah possesses property of Rs 10 million including 100 tola gold and two vehicles.

PMs son Abdul Qadir Gilani has assets of Rs 73.3 million. The worth of his assets in Pakistan is Rs 30.64 million. The worth of assets of opposition leader in Punjab Raja Riaz is. He has also lent bank loans of more than Rs 8.4 million.So far as the assets of Chaudhry Ghafoor are concerned, they are less than two million rupees. The worth of senior minister Zulfiqara Khosas assets is said to be Rs 10.30 million.

Moonis Ilahis assets are more than Rs 450 million. He also invested Rs 14.33 million in business sector. His bank balance is worth Rs 180 million.

CM Sindh owns a home in Karachi worth Rs 2.7million, with three vehicles and agricultural land of less than one million in Khairpur.

Speaker Sindh Assembly Nisar Kohro owns assets of more than Rs 20 million. Ex-interior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza has assets worth Rs 12.16 million.

So far as Sassui Palejo is concerned, she has agricultural land worth Rs 4.1 million, four plots worth Rs 0.7 million while the value of his foreign assets is 1,75,000 pounds.

Former Sindh CM Arbab Rahim owns declared assets of Rs 60.13 million. Shazia Marri is in possession of only Rs 1,10,000.

The value of MQMs leader Raza Haroons assets is Rs 2 million while Faisal Sabzwari owns the assets worth Rs1.2 million. "


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The details given of their assets are not even 10% of what they own in reality.

are you joking 10% its not even 1% they own.

(So far as Sassui Palejo is concerned, she has agricultural land worth Rs 4.1 million, four plots worth Rs 0.7 million while the value of his foreign assets is 1,75,000 pounds)

I am willing to give this chawal paleejo 1.5 million for her 4 plots if she hand over these 4 plots to me. I am even willing to give this so called CM sindh 3 million for his house in karachi which he declare 2.7 million

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Now he deserves to be the Leader of this Nation of sheep and Goats......................This is going to be a tough challenge for His Highness Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to beat this number in short time. Only way Mr. Bilawal Bhutto zardari can become King of Pakistan is IF HE START SELLING ENTIRE CITIES OF SHEEP AND GOATS ONE BY ONE.......WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE......or May be he can help other countries to buy entire Provinces of Pakistan.

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Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi was a police constable , its all due to their family's massive corruption!

Just to add a little bit to this information. One of senior citizen who knew Zahoor Ilahi told us Zahoor Ilahi used to be a Constable in Montgomery Distt. and during his service He and one his accomplice looted a local bank in Montgomery and soon after that he quit his job, and setup a business. That was a while before he came into Politics.


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pakistans next prime minister in waiting......corruption is just his tarbayat .lets see if he can get more corrupt tahn zerdari family or not.
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