1. M

    mpa Nusrat Abbasi Speech In Sindh Assembly Today On 18 Jan 2019

  2. C

    Pakistan Army Officer Balochistan Ke MPA's Ko Dant Pilate Hue

  3. F

    PTI MPA Muhammad Siddique Khan passed away

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  4. D

    wah muslim league wah.muslim leagui multan mpa,s father caught with girl and alcohol
  5. DashingPun

    PPP MPA Slaped PML-N MPA Must Watch

    The uproar started when MPA Ali Haider Niazi criticised the opposition, calling them traitors. He demanded that if South Punjab is being made a province then the same should also be done with Thal. Niazi claimed that a female MPA struck him from behind, after which he proceeded to exchange...
  6. L

    Peoples Party MPA Arrested with liquor and girls.

  7. Insaf Do

    Insaf Do - 16th July 2011 - Bloodsheds in Karachi : MQM MPA Khawaja Izhar ul Hasan

  8. mohib

    Moonis Ilahi the richest MPA in Punjab

    "The Election Commission (EC) issued details of assets of Punjab and Sindh Assemblies members. According to the provided details, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has declared total assets worth Rs 240. Sindh CM Qaim Ali Shan owns assets of more than Rs 10.19 million. His bank balance...
  9. E

    MQM alleges ANP kidnapped and tortured MPA Aleem-ur-Rehman

  10. Geek

    MPA of PML-N Exposes MNA of His Own Party