Live With Dr Shahid Masood 7th April 2016 - Imran Khan Demands In Parliment


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He is a fallen soldier and so far a disappointment for his past immensely dedicated followers. He was brought down to his knees from an esteemed high point in his political life, plagued by a sudden diversion by a pretty face and the dirty politics shrouding the ill affair and bad political moves leading to the end of his past dharna. He is facing the most cunning and shrewd dirty political leaders in an uneducated and starving country eager and willing to sell their votes for a little money or hope for a little favor someday from the crooks that they vote for. Can he actually plan and stop the electoral rigging instead of crying foul after every election?? Although his aim is noble but has he matured enough and gotten smart enough to face the demons again. Has he learnt from his past terrible mistakes not to disappoint his youthful and hopeful followers. Will he be able to get the attention and the crowds like the past??
People are eagerly waiting for the answers.

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Pakistani tanker under the captain ship of Mian Saab who has registered this tanker called Pakistan is flying Panama flag ,and under his able control the tanker is floating aimlessly heading towards rocks, and his tanker DOESNOT have enough fuel to steer away from the rocks.
Mian SAABS empty upper chamber will wreck Pakistan and jump overboard before even the rats jump overboard and even abandon his rats.
The BILA should put the rats out of their misery and force them to jump overboard and drown and leave Mian Saab on his own stranded on his Panama flagship pakistan

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I had been almost yelling on the forum for the past three days that this Panama leaks issue has diverted the attention of the people and media from the very intricate and estranged matters of Pakistan with its neighbors. Thank you Dr. Saab for endorsing my point of view... why there is so much silence over the RAW agent issue, Afghan spy issue and Rangers operation in Punjab ? why even the sold out Pakistani media has turned its back towards the issue? We have to resolve this issue on priority as our foreign relations and security depends on it.

Furthermore, yes there is a tension building up at latent levels between Isb and RWP. Nooras have not learned anything from the past and therefore are inviting the cahoots to kick'em up at the right spots.

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Pindi has limited options, Isloo has more options but not ready to do anything except please India.

Now the people will need to rise and shine, speak their mind with clarity.


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i have just returned from recent trip to Pakistan
in all honesty, the poor man on the road or you can say over 60% of Pakistan population don't even know what is Panama Papers?
also all the loyalist and lovers of PML-N don't believe anything and just keep saying that PML-N is a lion

i don't think Imran Khan will be able to do any dent against Nawaz Sharif. Pakistan mein paisa bolta hai and Nawaz has a lot of money to keep everyone silent
IK can keep screaming to the walls in his home or to a charged crowd...result will be nothing