Khilafat Forum - 24th June 2011 - America Ke Taliban Se Muzakrat


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I agree with mr.Ayub Baig Mirza's views. Alqaida was the one going into different countries to create problems like chechnya,Sinkiang in china,Nairobi and other countries because their mendate was different than talibans .Talibans never tried to destabilize any country. So there is a difference of opinions in both organisations .Talibans have a country whereas alqaida does't so they infiltrate in other countries in small groups and take revenge from those countries who do any thing against muslims . I am very much against "ALQAIDA" and wants their elimination totally so no body can join them or follow them.Aiman Zavahri, I dont know what kind of Islam he is preaching,he is just preaching hatred and revenge .Pak should take all the necessary steps to go after alqaida and kill all of them if they are in fata area.They may have some people in wazirastan so get them at the earliest and also the TTP who are creating destabilisation in the country. Pak military establishment should join hands with international community to wipe out this menace asap ,its in the interest of the whole region including pakistan.US should differentiate between the two groups . Mulla Umar ,Haqqani group and Hikmat yar are the biggest stake holders of afghanistan so talk to them and make sure the alqaida will not put their feet back into afghanistan .US cannot call them terrorists because they are fighting for their country, to them US is an occupier .US should just think about the reality and humanity of this situation.If Russia occupy some part of US,does the US will just sit down and do nothing-No.US will fight to get their land back .To many ,US is the biggest terrorist country in the world ,many examples can be given, viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan ,Nicaragua ,lebanon etc also occupied Texas which is part of "MEXICO" . I have my doubts about americans leaving this region unless Russia and China put their feet on its tail so they have no choice but to leave otherwise it does not make sense to spend billions of dollars on three military airfield in afghanistan .But it will definately take a wise head to roll and take a decision which is good for the humanity otherwise this area is the "Flash Point" for some big bangs . For better relations ,US have to change their prejudice policies against muslims .
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