Jab Bangladesh East Pakistan tha. Bhooli hui yadain!!!

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Once upon a time bengalis woke from sleep & start killing beharis in bangladesh who were muslim pakistanis. Lets start from page 3 coz stargazer want to start from here. She think we are stupid. Bengalis perpetrated attrocities ! what a joke. Pakistani Army killed them & raped bengalis women & you expect them to stay quiet. Have you ever read the report which came out after 1971 that what was going on in bangladesh. On what moral grounds you will ask them to answer you when you tried to crush the majority of the country & still not learning any lesson. My point is that learn a lesson from past & give people what they are demanding for. Make province & save the country or otherwise wait for americans who are in arabian sea now waiting to break pakistan. Your intentions are clear that once your house will be in order you will start poking your nose in other countries so that means you shouldnt be stable otherwise you will make other countries life hell thats why they wanna destroy pakistan coz they know your intentions. Altaf hussain is not part of this discussion if u want to drag him in every conversation so let me know then i will reply you politically in every post. Pakistan is first for me & i m not bias like you who just think politically all the time .

Altaf Hussain is a part of any discussion where his followers try to spread disinformation and when he goes to India to beg them to let his followers come back to India,well you can go if you want to. I expect the followers to be just like the leader.
As for the twisted information you are presenting as evidence try to read the ACTUAL books not the fictional politically oriented books and the cheap news you are so fond of.
As for your convoluted ideas, keep them to yourself because you feed on them and do not know of any decent way to present arguments. Accusations and disinformation and screaming is the name of the game in some circles.Well keep doing it if it pleases your heart.