India v Pakistan - World Cup 2011 - 2nd Semi-Final at Mohali, Mar 30, 2011 - Discussion Thread


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Who prayed for Victory

آج کس کس نے دو رکعت نفل نماز پڑھ کر الله سے فتح کے لیے دعا مانگی ہے


brilliant wahab

bowling almost 150 k

after all a better choice than akhtar

only if we had taken sachin s catch, they would ve been in deep trouble


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if anything will beat Pakistan, that will be the poor captaincy of Afridi.... no attack, no killer instinct and no innovative thinking at all....

looks like india will be making 300+

difficult chase ahead for Pakistan


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afridi is defencive now.. no attacking field and offcourse catches wins matches we have already dropped 2 and ground fielding awful....well india is ahead now even 4 down.. lets hope for collapse cz fielders cant catch due to very hot ball..


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Imran Khan predicts India Winner - Comments ??

Imran Khan predicts India Winner of Semi Final- patriot or just someone who wants to make indians happy and get a commentator/analyst contract.


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