Imran Khan with His Spiritual Teacher (Prof Ahmed Rafique Akhter)


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Every time i listen to this man, the doubts in me go away because his faith in allah seeps thru his words. He only talks logic.
This lecture was back in 2003 , you listen to him now, he has the same conviction and passion today. It is only a firm belief in Allah which can actualize a self. May god bless him.


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The one who really moved him to the point of "faith", of course, with God's Will, was a WAPDA employee, who answered the questions that he had, which stopped him from accepting God. IK mentions this in his interview with Kiran and George:



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The consistency in his words is remarkable. His vision for an independent judiciary existed even before CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry took oath as a judge. I personally believe this vision of his was single handedly responsible for initiating the Lawyers movement. And independent judiciary is the only concept which can alleviate a third world country into a progressing nation ... its much bigger than roti, kapra aur makaan.


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We have already 2 cabinet posts filled for IK government, expected to be formed in the year 2222. These are:
1) Haroon Rasheed (Mis-Information).
2) Professor Rafiq (Sufi-ism Affairs).
Good Progress, Khan Jee.


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عمران خان نے کتنے کھلے دل کے ساتھ بہت ساری باتوں کا اعتراف کیاہے۔ وہ واقعی ایک ایماندار اوردیانتدار لیڈر ہے


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i have been one of the biggest fans of imran khan till 8-9 months ago.

i have been supporting PTI financially as well as physically doing all the efforts.but in recently i have been forced to changed my mind about imran khan and i would request to all other people especially those who follow him blindly and who consider him an angel ,please read the following and think atleast:-

1.why imran khan is completly quiet against Altaf Hussain.why he never talked about that case he launched against altaf hussain and why he doesnt let people know.B/C i was the person who got fully involved and i printed and posted hundereds of poster to ask people to come to his jalsa when he came first time to launch case against altaf hussain.i took alteast 20 people to airport to welcome him but all of a sudden he pulled back his stance and what is the dealing behind all this ,he should let people know atleast

2.why imran khan did not deny any contacts with musharraf recently.i know in one programme he denyed meeting him but he did not deny any phone conversation.

3.why he did not criticize choudrys any more...???why he did not talk about NICL Scandal??why he doesnt talk about judiciary now as we all know that how govt. is involved behind protecting Monis Elahi and where are all the witnesses and govt is standing against supreme court and on this occassion why he doesnt see all this?

4.why he didnt debate about Mehran base scandal,abbottabad issue,salim shehzad issue,kharot abad issue ????we never listened him saying much about all these recent critical issues and all we listen him criticizing only about nawaz sharif and shahbaz sharif only.. which is fine but why he kept a blind eye on other issues?it seems some hidden hands have given him this task and their agenda is just to divide the vote bank of N League in Punjab so that the benefit goest to q leage and peoples party who are planning to contest election together and imran khan is supporting them further to work on their agenda

5.He was blamming nawaz sharif that he did not bycott last general elections while imran khan tells people that he did not contest in those elections bc of chief justice was not restored and i think this is all lie b/c he know he had no chance in those elections and may be he could not win a single seat .if this is the case why he did not take part in elections held after the chief justice is restored forexample..recent ajk elections,recent by elections in balochistan and Gilgit baltistan elections.

6.why he did not give details to public about his meeting with american ambassedor ,1 day before the release of Raymond Davis.what was the agenda?

i just request people to atleast think about all the matters before considering some body a Maseeah.

The real issue in pakistan is too much divisions among the people and political parties and this is what benefiting zardari and co .

Veila Mast

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An evening with Imran Khan

Prof Ahmad Rafique is well known Sufi of contemporary era and many influenced including Imran Khan, lets hear to following: