Historic Embarresment Faced By Khawaja Asif(PML-N)


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MQMers main to sharam naam ki koi cheez hi nahi hay iss liye woh kabhi bhi embarrass nahi hotay.

Did any one of you feel embarrassment when Haider Abbas failed to reply to host's question on Altaf's return to Pakistan? (In the same program)

**** mata ke pujari samajhtay hain ke cheekh cheekh kar jhoot ko sach main badal den gay.


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My differences with MQM apart but very very well said. Two things I totally agree, about the feudal mindset of these people and making political parties family parties.


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I feel sorry for khwaja asif here really, he is a descent person but had to face the "penalty kicks" from Muhajirs.

pakhtoon pardesi

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Where is EMBARRASSMENT faced by Khwaja Asif. Please be fair while quoting your comments.
If dog is barking in front of you, will you bark too or better to be patient and save yourself from that BESHARAM ANIMAL (Stupid Rizvi).



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EMBARRASSMENT kahan hay yaar,aap tu itna hissa yahan load kartay ho jitna us ne kaha,us Khowaja asif ka jawab tu load karo,ye tu wohi baat hoi ,aik yahodi tha,us ne gunah kia ,Faisla k Liay Us ne kaha NABI SALLALLAHO ALIHE WASALLAM k paas jatay hain,us ne kaha faisla humaray mazhab k mutabiq hona chahiay,us ne apni book parhni shori ki,tu aik line chor giya,aik sahabi RAZI ALLAHO ANHO paas kharay the wo janatay the is book ko,unhoo ne ne us ka hath peechay kar k wo line b parh di,wo line us k khilaf thi,is liay us ne chori,mean k us ne munaft ki pora paragraf nahi parha yehi haal MQM ka hay pori baat nahi kehni jitni apnay matlab ki hay wo kehni hay asl baat us yahodi ki tarah chupa leni hay,kuch tu ALALH ka khof karo yaar,yaar baat sono Sindh Ka governer Ishrat ul ibaad aur us ka aik bhai sanetar hahhahaahhaha,waisya Aqalamand loog kehtay hain ,k jab ***** bhoonk raha ho tu agar kharay ho tu beth jao,agar bethay ho tu let jao,agar bool rahay ho tu vhup ho jao,Q k ***** khud hi bhonk bhonk kar chup ho jaye ga,,


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My differences with MQM apart but very very well said. Two things I totally agree, about the feudal mindset.

KHAWAJA ASIF AND DECENT......................... very well said. sharam karo


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I watched this program and its a shame even in this situation everybody is trying to be Mr good Guy.
PML-N have feudal mindset no doubt about it
MQM Altaf Husain was the first one to ask zardari to beacome president. us waqt wadeeray yaad na aaye.

Actually Zaradri wants Army to come so he can become martyr and Baby Bilawal gets a launching pad for his arrival into politics after martial law years, MQM gets into government as usual. PML-N get kicked out.

MQM itni ache hotey tau hakoomat se alag hojatey. I dont know k inhon ne pakistanis ko uloo samajh rakha hay. In ke chalakian ab tau 10 saal ka bacha bhee samajh sakta hay.

PML-N ne friendly opposition bun k 5 saal jo PPP ko dyay takay un ke ghatya karkerdagi k baad election jeet sakain. Martial Law ke baat se unhain agla election hota nazar nahin aata is lyay NAWAZ Sharif ko roz MQM yaad aarhe hay. They give S**T about democracy. Same for MQM and Zaradari.

Hakoomat k bhookay saray

khan afghan1

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This man mR RIZVI is mad how he talking he should learn some manners.The bloody man seting in UK(altaf) released this statement to support Martial Law after a long meeting with US council general in london.If he is so loyal to the country and the people he should go and face the people there.He is seting in london just waiting for the time to create BAngladesh like situation to go as leader of an independent state but this dream of him will never come true.He is not supporting the people of pakistan but he is just creating a situation where civil war should start.Laanath ho aap our Nawaz sharif jaisay logoon per.We need a change not party.


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Khawaja Asif is one of the most credible parliamentarian in Pakistan. He has been winning elections for over 15 years which demonstrates his credibility shown by his people.

Haider Abbas on the other hand does not have solid constituency and therefore he can afford to support even any wrong stance


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This is natural.

When one has to hide or suppress the truth, he raise his voice to impress others.

Let the Martial Law start from Karachi and clean up all the dirty mess spread by these Zalims.


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Rizvi Bhai ......Please add after 1 Minute 22 Seconds of this video |||||Son in Law of Nawaz MNA as well as PML-n Ticket to Brother of Son in Law of Nawaz|||

i m not a fan of altaf but this guy is telling the truth. shame on them