Good reply by Salim Safi to Haroon Rasheed


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salim safi has advised taliban and gulbadin hikmat yar to side with hamid kerzai!!!!what klind of traitor and misguided person he is?
taliban are not by name muslims like him that they join hands with kufars biggest puppet in afghanistan named hamid kerzai ,who like musharaf and zerdari is killing his own people to please this salim safi guy from awami national party?seems only anp like seculars can side with haimd kerzai whose name is among top traitors of islamic history along with mir jaafer


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but salim safi wrote correct about haroon rasheed.haroon rasheed is a pet bhaand of pakistani generals and doing their flattery always,also haroon rasheed is an enemy of mujahideen and his writings are poisonous againt all mujahideen.haroon rasheed also is an advisor to imran khan so one can guess why imran khan will never go up...

haroon rasheed is such a misguided person that in his column dated 31 july he said that ideal islam is one of turkish rulers!!!!we muslims know that how present day turkey is friend of israel and has strong diplomatic ties with israel and jews.not only that but turkey has nato bases from where nato planes bomb and kill libyan turkey govt has banned taking hijab or purdah for girls in collages and turkey alcohol and pig is legal and sex and obscenity is not contained by short turkey has no islam at all.despite medias propoganda of tayeb ardagaan being "islamist":13:..

haroon rasheed like imisguided people,s hero logically is turkey no wonder but i wonder if imran khan has same thinking a his ustaad haroon rasheed?
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