Good Bye...Rab Rakha.... Au revoir....Despedida....Alavida....وداعا‎....خدا حافظ

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Dedicated to @AsifAmeer @desicad @Unicorn @awan4ever @Adeel @Waseem and many others who have not been mentioned here.

and special bye to's champion Taliban Mullah moderator @AbdulRehman

Threads about dead bodies, glorifying talibans, murderers and Islamic fundamentalism are welcome however any theme that might slightly interfere with the strict mullah Islamization is immediately deleted. might be a good business model to dwell into when it comes to political media entertainment however the criteria for moderator selections need a clear revamp. Granted that majority of Pakistanis are very close to their respective religious doctrines (sunni, shia, wahabi, chrisitian, hindu, ahdmadis, xyz) however Islamization of politics is tantamount to the mediocrity of expression, something that the respected owner of this online enterprise negates to the notion of.

Efficacious balance between deity prone souls and humans with non religious beliefs would perhaps serve as a good medium for quality member retention. The place by all means currently reflects the not so rosy smell of madarrash trained islamic cadres.

An outflow of sanity in bigger numbers might in the end serve as a wake up call for wider rethinking of approach for this internet location.

The ethos of this genre of entertainment cum political paradeness has talent nevertheless.

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Yaar pehley bhi tu ne aisaa hi thread banaya tha kuch maheenay pehlay. Aur ab phir yehi dramay kar raha hai. (cry)


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yaar koi bohat hi cheap insan hain aap bhi her 15 din baad yeh drama kerte hain ab yeh "COMPANY" ki mash'hoori k liay (cheap tactics to earn fame ) .


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Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin, don't go, I like your sarcastic and humorous posts,
What will I do without you(cry)


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ایک بار پھر حکومت سے اختلاف کے بایس الطاف بھائی حکموت سے باہر جانے کا اعلان کر رہے ہیں


Adeel Rehman

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​گاں کے دودھ کا آخری قطرہ بھی نکال کر اب شہر بیچنے جا رہا ہے


Sir G!!! have you reconfirmed, is this really a cow.... jetny zook-o-shooq si ye kam ho raha hy kahain ye*********.... samjh tay gaye hi ho gay [hilar][hilar][hilar]


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"KeepInformed" just wants some attention or for people too beg him too stay(bigsmile)! Well goodbye it is, don't hit the door on your way out:lol:!!
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کیا ایم کیو ایم کی طرح ایک بار پھر حلالہ ہو گیا ؟
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