Faisla Ap Ka - 20th August 2011 - Sharmila Farooqi, Shahi Syed


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ALLAH karee in siasat danoo ka bi koi basha bee is andhi golli ka shkar hoo sheid in ko garib ewam ke dard ka ehsas hoooooooooooooooooo


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What a non sense, if govt, cannot bring peace than they should not be in power, From this it looks that Govt knows who is doing this, than what is the reason for not taking action.


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If the War in Karachi is due to alleged "Bhattah Khori", then:
a) Killed should be either the one who does not give bhattah (businessmen, shop holders etc);
b) Killed should be either the Opposite Group Person of Bhattah Taker and the Killer should be
from the other Group;
This can be easily ascertained from the background of the killed, it is not the atomic science either;

If the war is due to alleged land Grabers: then;
a) Killed should be either the Land owner or who is living in that land and
the Killer should be the one belonging to the Land Graber.
Again this can be easily ascertained by the dead's identification

So this all things are bundle of lies, or if they are they can be 0000% of the killed.
The real thing is that People are killing each other due to ethnicity (Language and Political
The Major and foremost chunk used to be in this case is of MQM. Now it is
war of Turf (War of control) and again all parties without any exception are involved
in this heinous crime with major chunk from MQM.All are afraid to say this for one
reason or the other.


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apnay monh say hadi chornay ko koi be tayar nahi hea. shahi syed say kaha kay hakomat say nikal jao nahi mantay. sharmila say kaha kay target killer pakroo kehti hea kay pata to hea but naam loon ge to mamla bigr jay ga. sub jantay hen kay problem kahan hea but dartay hen