Donald Trump said negative things about Pakistan and kept Supporting India, How will Pakistan deal w


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Pakistan should should not act like dependent like nawaz kids no more , easy stop corruption spend on your people they spend pay you back no rokt science

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If Trump is serious about Shakeel Afridi , He can take him out on one phone call to his foreign secretary and the rest will be done by our foreign office.

Obama was not interested in taking Afridi out of Pakistan. The whole story of bin Laden was fabricated, their was no presence of any kind of such things. If Afridi is out of Pakistan the media will ask questions about bin Laden and his polio vaccination programme. In reality Afridi knows nothing about it. He was just made part of the script.
His release will bring the truth to surface and American don't want to know.


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The Trump also seems to have a soft spot for India. Just last month, he attended an elaborate charity event hosted by Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) and promised that India and the US would be best friends if he were president.
So, what would a Trump presidency mean for Pakistan? stop depending on USA kick all corrupt leaders improve economy defense relations with other super powers .