Despite Pak public anger,USA mindset unchanged,using same tactic[media pressure] thru Headley trial


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After the PNS Mehran attack Pakistani public is growing frustrated with the govt. and military, and are sick of this alliance with USA, asking Pakistan to back off this relationship,cut the NATO supply lines and ditch the 100,000 American troops stuck in Afghanistan, to fend for themselves. Some Pakistanis have turned against their own people and govt. and are at war with them, for being a client state and selling their citizens and sovereignty for dollars. That aid that US gives from it taxpayers in the name of helping Pakistanis is meant to intentionally fund the corrupt of PAkistan.
Pakistani public has realized that we are on a path of committing collective suicide[or genocide] as a nation, and believe US supported Taliban and CIA is involved in terrorist activities inside PAkistan, as wikileaks published even Karzai[who blames Pakistan for every violent act in Afghanistan] believes US wants to break Pakistan and destroy their nukes.
Despite the rise in anti-American sentiment, US mindset is unchanged and it still thinks they can achieve their objectives thru the puppet Zardari govt. they helped install and coward generals like Kayani and Pasha less known as military, more known for playing golf,baking cakes, smoking cigars,and operating Military, Inc. running bakeries,wedding halls,banks,factories, building expensive housing for former military generals in first world cantonment gated communities in cantonment areas located amidst a insecure third world beggar country that has a broken govt., suffering from poverty and malnutrition and has no education to compete with anyone.
At a time when US should've avoided opening new fronts against Pakistan, it has started another operation malign campaign against Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad thru Headley trial, giving us an Indian list of Pak citizens with no proof apart from vicious media trials to hand them over..... to the indians.
US's reward for us as an ally, and to anti-US sentiment against them, pushed war into our country, bankrupting our economy, making our sovereignty, livelihoods, helping put a civilian govt. of the most corrupt[PPP] and most divisive [using language, ethnicity to divide like ANP,PPP] b*stards available in Pakistan,36,000 Pakistanis dead and lakhs injured, PRESSURE, PRESSURE and more PRESSURE. Squeeze the living daylights out of Pakistan, encourage more media trials against Pakistanis, push suspicions against Pakistan and their Islamic faith thru anonymous govt. officials quoting in US media. With a friend like these Pakistan's enemy like India looks better, at least Pak govt. denied or countered their moves against us, who remain silent when it comes to US.
US should be left alone to defend themselves in Afghanistan, the figure of mounting US casualties and then some spanking from American public [who only sees war casualties of their white American soldiers], will force them to cut and run.
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I am not sure what is happening. But i have a question . WHy are we even angry?
We are angry because all of our lies have disclosed. We kept telling pakistanis and the world. There is no sanctuary in pakistan for terrorist. Then we started changing the statement that there might be some santuaries. When they started to take over our land like swat we again changed our stand. We keep on changing our own statements. Never admitting that we have this real issue and we are not being able to deal with it. BECAUSE WE ARE LYING. We told the whole world Osama is not here. Every official said it. now we know he was living here for past 4 years?
WHY WE ARE LYING. Who will and why will they trust us. Look at what they think of us. Cheaters and lyiers and we are liers.
Until we change our policy and start telling the truth, we will easily be able to handle talibans america and rest of the world. Till then we have to hear all this rubbish. Cause what they said kept on happening. SO LETS STOP CLOSING OUR EYES AND MAKE OUR GOVERNMENT SPEAK TRUTH AND TELL US THE TRUTH.


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What pressure??
This government was brought by US itself & Kiyani was DG ISI who brokered NRO.
Kiyani & Pasha were given extension on the orders of US. How come Pakistan put pressure on US. Slaves cannot differ from their masters.