CrossFire - 17th March 2011 - Farooq Sattar & others - MQM & PPP Relationship - Story Of Davis's Re


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1st Dr. Sitar look like Raza Abdi today at least something MQM got from PPP 2nd (Q) league tenure at least no matter goes to procequation just catch the person get some cash and thats it.


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Meher you are very intelligent and you know everything you have evidence but nobody speak every body is sleeping...? after done all that shit every tv anchor start bla bla bla now you gays heating up poor pakistanies.
stop playing games with emotional peopls of pakistan.stop emotional blackmailing dont stay out of it go with it and prove that you are with pakistani peopls not with these ..........?


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what happened that is a crime against Pakistani Nation im agree, but what about those many hundred Pakistanis who were cought by agencies and handed over to CIA, and got money for that??
Look at this kamil agha, baustered he is trying to be National hero by saying bla bla, while he was with Musharraf when many Pakistani including Dr Afia were sold to US.
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