Capital Talk - 8th June 2011 - Lt Gen Abdul Qayum & Makhdom Faisal - US wants to Grasp Over Pak Nucl


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Allah bless on faithful people of Pakistan, Trying to do very dangerious job. Those who (Trator) are behind dollars God help the people to destroyed them.


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I agree with panel's views.I had been writting for a long time that west is not digesting our nukes and might try in the future to neutralize them because of "Israel" security .First we should open an investigation on OBL's compound and punish those who were involved in safe guarding OBL so the world community realize that pak is serious about terrorism.This is in our national interest. Second pak have to disengage itself from those out lawed organisations who have become cancer for our society.lets start a clean up operation and give sacrifice of these butchers before they sacrifice our innocents.No need to worry about the tally just clean up in every part of the country and inside forces too if some are there.This is not to blackmail but a good warning before the storm hit the roof.In US ,they are worried about Israel's security, why not have diplomatic relations with "Israel" and solve the problem.This way pak can take advantage of Israel's achievements in agriculture and technology when India is taking advantage on the expense of pakistan.pak's recognition of israel will soften the situation a lot when Israel's worry from our nukes are removed ,it will prove beneficial for the whole region.As for India's 26/11 mumbai attacks .pak should take a first step to solve this asap and punish those who were involved in it.our govt have no guts to solve any thing so someone have to take these steps to move forward rather keep the status quo. Pak nukes are very very safe and going after them mean will be "WAR" and i dont think US is that stupid to go to war with pak when pak is helping them since its birth beside pak have to lessen its dependence on US. It is not in the interest of any country to corner pakistan if someone tried ,it will back fire .There should be no hysteria in pak about iran's president statement.we have been saying all along but "INSHA ALLAH" everything will be ok ,its only a matter of time .Its a test time from God almighty.Stay close to our other friends like China,Saudi Arabia,Iran and turkey, also stay friendly with India and Afghanistan.
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No one is danger to the nuclear but This Zardari, Armey chief, and chief of ISI and some Generals, PPP and Nawaz Shareef will after makeing Lots of Dollars , help some country to distroyed our nukes same as Abotabad ,