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Cabinet okays heavy salaries, perks for NAB deputy chairman, prosecutor general​


November 21, 2023

ISLAMABAD, Nov 21 (NNI): The Federal Cabinet has given approval to the
salaries and incentives packages of deputy chairman and prosecutor
general of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
The cabinet nodded to Rs1.5 million salary and other heavy perks for NAB
Deputy Chairman Sohail Nasir
while Prosecutor General Syed Ihteshak Shah
will now get a salary of Rs1.65 million and other incentives.
The NAB deputy chief will also avail 500 litres of petrol, gas,
electricity other allowances equal to a judge of the high court.

The prosecutor general will get 600 litres of petrol, car with driver,
gas, electricity and other allowances equal to a judge of Supreme Court.
Both the NAB top officials will also get a bonus when they will make a
The Federal Cabinet approved the summary forwarded by the Law Ministry
through circulation.
NAB Chairman Lt-Gen (retd) Nazeer Ahmad recommended the salary packages
of the deputy chairman and the prosecutor general. NNI