Application in UK Against Ban of Altaf Hussain's Speech


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Though I respect this move but in reality it is useless and would not be looked into.

The correct way is to file police complaints against him but then again the issue is to commit a crime inside the UK that is linked to him.

Other way is to submit these reports to anti terrorism departments of the police and they can investigate.

Commercial companies do not give a damm about these complaints. They are commercial enterprises and would only take action when the court orders them to do something.

This is appreciated but practically a useless move.


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Discount this thief "Habib Jan" I know him quite well indeed. Few years back when BB was still alive, he personally accepted to me that "BB" is a thief.

But when BB was back in Pakistan, I saw him giving interview from Karachi to the TV channels on the day of the first blast in Karachi against BB caravan. He is dim stick who is sitting in the UK for years with his family using my tax pound, to fed, clothes and house him and his family in a flat in Wimbledon Park Area.

All PPP workers and so-called leaders are thieves and two face criminals. He himself was stabbed by his own criminal gang and spent few weeks in "Kings Hospital" where Doctors saved his life.

I am writing another thread, where I will discuss what next plan of action should be against MQM and AH in the UK. Don't worry educated people are already waiting in the wings for the position to become clear before legal steps are taken.
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