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    Good News for nation and bad news for Mafia's || Imran khan Announced || Detail's by ZM News

  2. A

    Sami Ibrahim reaction on Bilawal Bhutto aggressive speech in national assembly today

  3. Pak News Official

    Imran Khan's Address at Ceremony in London - 22 April 2018

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    Hum Sindh Ko Punjab, aur Karachi Ko Lahore Banadein Ge - Shehbaz Sharif's Speech in Karachi

  5. Sab Jamal

    Sheikh Rasheed Speech in Rahim Yaar Khan (RYK) Jalsa 20th April 2018

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    CM Shehbaz Sharif's Speech at National History Museum

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    Nawaz Sharif's First Speech After Getting Banned - Criticizes Institutions Again

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    Imran Khan's all Speeches in PTI's Sialkot Campaign Today

    Jo Iqtidar Mein Reh Kr Chori Krta Hai Woh Apne Naam Per Kuch Nhi Rakhta - Imran Khan's Address in Wazeerabad
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    Ameer Abbas Grills Maryam Nawaz For Comparing Herself With Hazrat Fatima Zahra (S.A.)

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    Maryam Nawaz's Speech at PMLN Social Media Convention - 16 February 2018

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    Shehbaz Sharif's Speech at Buray Wala - 15 February 2018 | PAK News

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    Chitral: Prime Minister speech in power project opening ceremony.

    Chitral: Prime Minister speech in power project opening ceremony. 1653903634659122
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    Imran Khan's Speech at Women's Chamber of Commerce Karachi

    Imran Khan addresses the ceremony in Karachi
  14. Pak News Official

    Imran Khan's Speech at Ceremony in Karachi

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    Boy doing speech against valentine day openly in Liberty Market

  16. Munawarkhan

    Abid Sher Ali Ki Lalkaar Aur Yousaf Raza Gillani Ki Bardashat

    Found this old clip of Abid Sher Ali, talking about the lack of developments of Pakistan. especially the lack of gas and electricity in Sukkar, Shikarpor, plus the Siraiki belt. He also talks about the downfall of industry in Multan. Since he is now the Minister, I am quite sure that in the...