An Ignorant Nation - People Abusing Rescue 1122 (Video)


MPA (400+ posts)
V bad..... But 1122 team ko aisi calls 30seconds say oper entertain ne kerni chahiye, or network (PTCL, UFONE, MOBILIN, WARID, etc) k through in ko prank call karnay per in k bill mein atleast 500rs ka fine daalna chaiyey.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
There is a criminal penalty for abusing 911 in the west. People of Pakistan only understand the language of chittar. If we set 10 chittar per fake call, this problem will go away.



Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
This is the same every where. Someone called 911 in USA as he thought there was very little meat in his burrito!!!


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
if u make a fake 911 call in the states, you have to pay all the expanses spent by police fire department and ambulance, no one does it