1. A

    Father of the Nation in the eyes of Father of President Zardari

    views of Hakam Ali Zardari about Qauid e Azam Muhammad Ali logon ki asliyat aur ghatiya soch dekh lo...ehsaan faramosh log...
  2. az.ay

    Don't Let Them Fool You, Religion Is Part Of Pakistani Nationalism, And We Are A Modern Nation

    Stunning how every discussion about Pakistani nationalism comes down to religion for you guys. You have a problem with religion? Fine. That's your right. But please remember that Islam has room for all shades of Muslims, from the liberal, to the religious to the very religious. Our 'issue' is...
  3. az.ay

    Is Two Nation Theory valid today?

    Yes, it is. Why? Consider the following points: What is Pakistans ideology: Two Nation Theory. What is Two Nation Theory: Muslims and Hindus of subcontinent are separate nations. How Two Nation Theory caused creation of Pakistan: Muslims ruled India for 700 years because of an...
  4. canadian

    Nation to Non-Nation !

    Nation to Non-Nation By Mowahid Hussain Shah Thanks to a venal elite, the colonial method of divide-and-rule is today re-emerging as divide-and-loot. In 1971, it cost half the nation. In 2011, the perils of ethnonationalism, tribalism, and provincialism are risking the rest of what is left. It...
  5. H

    Azizi Answer to Marvi Sarmad [Two Nation Theory Importance (for new pakistani generation)]

  6. janbazali

    Two nation theory is the base of Pakistan

    Last night a saw a programe of Shahid Masood, i was amazed to see that lady (Marvi Sarmad), she was openly and bluntly opposing the two nation theory which is the base of Pakistan According to her Pakistan is and was a secular state. I want her to listen very clearly that Pakistan ka matlab La...
  7. C

    Islamabad giving New Delhi the long overdue Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status.

    NEW DEHLI: Building upon last months positive talks, the commerce ministers of India and Pakistan are set to hold discussions in the Indian capital in September that can lead to Islamabad giving New Delhi the long overdue Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status. Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin...
  8. ealtaf

    Quaid-e-Azam's Message to the Pakistan Nation [ Must Watch ]
  9. GraanG2

    Nawaz Sharif ki Indian Wafad se Mulaqat...Comments about Religion,Culture,and Two Nation Theory.

    Ok here is the clips of What Nawaz Sharif said while addressing the delegation from India.Decide for yourself...I think He was trying to be over friendly.Please avoid abusive language ,just analyze and let the members decide.Thanks.
  10. Awam Ki Adalat

    Awam Ki Adalat - 14th August 2011 - Hasan Nisar, Abrarul Haq & Mujeeb Shami - We are a Nation Not a

  11. S

    Subverted Nation of Pakistan

  12. jhootaylog

    MQM Chief Altaf Hussain apologize to sindhi nation.

    میرے بیان سے جن کی دل آزاری ہوئی ہو ان سے معافی مانگیتا ہوں۔الطاف حسین ہوسکتا ہے اپنے خیالات کی صیح ترجمانی نہیں کرسکا- الطاف حسین
  13. abbasiali

    Start preparation for the Independence Day Aug 14, together as one and only one United Pakistani Nat

  14. hawk eyed

    Major earthquake may hit Pakistan - Is our nation ready for this catastrophe?

    an earthquake of about 6.5 or above magnitude is expected to hit the same zone as the last one in the following months
  15. News Watch

    News Watch - 29th July 2011 - Imran Khan

  16. Pakistan Tonight

    Pakistan Tonight - 26th July 2011 - Kamil Ali Agha - What is our Identity? Our country, language or

  17. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    MQM Leader Altaf Hussain appealed to the Nation for Peace

    AH begging for Peace in Pakistan - A news article Altaf Hussain asks Parties to Exercise Patience
  18. H

    Can we be one nation with one agenda?

    Dear friends, I think we all agree that way forward from here for Pakistan is to have an agenda. We all wish that all Pillars of country can agree on some points but we all know that its not happening right now. As a trial I want to do the same thing here in this forum and see how much tolerant...
  19. ealtaf

    Zardari Tenu Chukay Mola - Spent 500,000/- of this poor nation on Recent visit to London
  20. digitalzygot

    Sudan breakup, Palestinians struggle for their own nation, Israel and US lies, cunningness & decepti

    A former US ambassador to the United Nations says a Palestinian attempt to gain UN recognition with or without a peace agreement with Israel means "next to nothing" even if it succeeds. The Bush administration UN envoy John Bolton says the General Assembly is certain to support the Palestinian...