A picture worth billion words.


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See the Face of this man and his relatives/friends after he got death sentence, And look at the face of the police man. That's the true picture worth Billion words.

Afsoos, sad-Afsoos.

Even Imran Khan cannot do anything to change this corrupt system. After spending 126 days in Dharna, he tried his best to change the system but all in vain. Seems that there is no way to change it other than through the bloody revolution.
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The judicial system along with their judges is really blind with the lights of money.

They failed to find rigging in the election, When we imagine we feel sorry for ourselves...What did they need exactly to believe that elections were rigged...?????


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yeh aaeen-e-pakistan hay
is ka qanoon hy teray liyeh meray liyeh

yeh zarr say nawaza nizam hay
is ka qanoon hy teray liyeh meray liyeh

hallf mujrim say uthwa ky bikti hy adliya
is ka qanoon hy teray liyeh meray liyeh

jitna mangoo gy insaf, utni milay ki zilat
is ka qanoon hy teray liyeh meray liyeh



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The way to a true revolution, when every single person in bureaucracy, army and political system will have to face justice, is what i can see approaching very fast inshallah.

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Thats just a new way of crying by PTI chichoray now. This pic is definitely not after his death senetence!

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Brother...don't lose hope In Sha Allah this system will change at the hands of IK...it'll take its due time...noora has been deeply rooted, will take efforts and sacrifice to get back on track...


I dont understand..what is so wrong in all this ?????

In Islamic law.... victims of crime are recognized as having rights. The victim has a say in how the criminal is to be punished. In general, Islamic law calls for murderers to face the death penalty. However, the victim's heirs may choose to excuse the murderer from the death penalty in exchange for monetary damages. The murderer will still be sentenced by a judge, possibly to a lengthy prison term, but the death penalty will be taken off the table.

This principle is known as Diyyah, which is unfortunately known in English as "blood money." It is more appropriately referred to as "victim's compensation." While most commonly associated with death penalty cases, Diyyah payments can also be made for lesser crimes, and for other acts of negligence (ex. falling asleep at the wheel of a car and causing an accident).


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Alas! Even Rigging is now legalized. No matter how much a candidate riggs in his constituency it will be called irregularity not rigging.


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You do not need a bloody revolution, what guarantees do you have that after a bloody revolution the leadership that will come will be good?

What u need is around 5 million people on streets, shut down Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and another city or two. And just stay sitting there not allowing system to fuction. Another idea would be hundreds and thousands outside parliament house whilst all the parliamentarians are there. Or millions towards PM house this time go in and do not allow govt to move.

If police attack hit back and teach them a lesson, once a good lesson is taught they will not do it again. Have a big banner with all the crooks faces on it so everyone knows what the people are up against.

NO bloody revolution not required...... the country cud go into a meltdown, enemies of PK may want that too happen.

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What about the picture above? Your are ignorant fool. And don't malign the image of ISI by putting it's logo as your DP.

The picture was taken from the following news
Shahzeb Khan murder case: Death sentence awarded to Shahrukh Jatoi, Siraj Talpur


And you are an ignorant idiot what has my dp to do with this idiotic post? You are crying that IK did his best to change judicial system but the fact of the matter is he has accepted that judicial system he isnt criticizing it. Now dont support IK or stop crying and shut up!