A little Video Story About President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


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Its true fact, the way he lived his life, BTW who hate him except those, who cannot digest his honesty, discipline and faith on himself and his nation, reputable president of a respectable nation.

Thumbs up,

Heads up, leader have already born in Pakistan and insha Allah soon, we will be experiencing the same liberty and respect like Ahmedi Nejad and like Irani nation. Ameen.

Pakistan 1st

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Nations with good characters choose good leaders.......we have to also prove that we are a nation of good character....

Hats off to Nation of Iran ...Hats off to Iranian Leader Ahmadi Nejaz
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A real Muslim leader with a great character.
If only Pakistan could produce someone like Ahmadinejad!


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Aur aik zardari ko dekho ! What a leader Ahmedinijad is ! just amazing yar ! Mashallah GOD BE WITH HIM ALWAYS !


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This is the main reason that this country is still surviving after all these sanctions. People respect him.


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He is the beacon of light for the asleep Muslim Umma. He is a true and honest leader. May Allah protect him and he may he continue to lead by example. Ameen.


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and look at all those other Muslim world leaders... my God I hate arabs and other middle eastern leaders, they are not even leaders.... and what to talk of Pakistan...... Only great nations have such leaders.... Look at the Scandinavian countries, even india and israel, they are great nations on face of earth because they chose the right leaders.... we could not even produce one in 55 islamic states minus Iran.


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this is called true leader. you search the whole world including muslim world i bet no one will be able to find one like him.