A Jalsa in Karachi is a Good Political Decision from PTI ---- Spartacus


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A Jalsa in Karachi is a Good Political Decision from PTI ---- Spartacus

PTI decided a JALSA in Karachi just some days ago and they got huge number of People in their JALSA from all corner of Karachi.
After a long time they are showing some sense of politics :)
Spartacus Khusch Hua .

There will be long and short impact of today,s Jalsa of PTI on Pakistani politics.

PTI needs atleast one city behind her to support PTI fully , either Karachi or Lahoure or both.

If one of the two city will support PTI fully then PTI would get automatically support from other city ( cities ).

In Lahoure PTI failed already to get any big support to disturb PML-n.

Now only remain Karachi .

Let see how IK come with any solution that all ( Sindh Urben - Sindh2 ) will say " YES" to him.


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You are horrendously wrong in saying that PTI failed in Lahore....The Center of Dhandli was Lahore where ppl rejected Nawaz so he had to do that big dhandli.

Citizen X

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Hmmm...talking about himself in the third person, name in every thread title. Maybe shades of narcissistic personality disorder coming through, eh ;)

As for the topic at hand. Karachi already showed its love for IK but turning out in record numbers, sick of Kala deos terror tactics. IK already announced he will be hitting Lahore soon. Now Niharis will turn Lahore into containeristan part II.

The entire country is behind IK where ever he goes he pulls huge crowds and he travels fearless among his people unlike Niharis where ever he goes, Go Nawaz Go comes. If anyone body cannot see this, they have their heads stuck firmly in the sand.

Altaf Lutfi

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Change creeps in like winds. It hardly feels in the beginning,taking pace little later and forming powerful vortex finally, all opposition and resistance in its way is sucked in and crushed by spiraling current. Karachi has already set a pace, moisture from Karachi will make it into clouds while it arrives in Lahore. If clouds takeover Lahore with thunder and heavy showers, you will see rivers and streams throughout Punjab flooding out of banks.
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