85000000 Dollars Monthly Kay Mulazim by Munno Bhai !!


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Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
it is not monthly. he was was compensated $84.5 million in the year of 2010. 31 million of which is stock option to be paid after 5 years conditional.

Still a hell lot of money, but just correcting the facts.

Ref: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/ent...-845-million-compensation-in-fiscal-2010.html

Bro, Pakistani journalists are not original, they pick up stories from around the world and just write stupid article to earn their money. Calling it monthly is his stupidity, we all know in the west it is always yearly income which is always stated.


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One reason for America's demise is this kind of financial compensations. When people are rewarded outrageously, there is little left for people who physically work and contribute back to economy. For example a daily laborer who make a US$1000 a month will most probably will spend all back to economy but a person making 100,000 a month cannot eat or spend 100% back to economy. The result is a decline in the economic activity. This is one reason that Pakistan is in trouble because these corrupt politician are fleecing up the economy and people are getting poor and poorer.