1. Asad Varda

    زر، زن، زمین؟ شیخ زاید بن سلطان نے بھائی کا تختہ کیوں الٹا؟

  2. arshadsalim

    Problems of overseas Pakistanis

  3. زبانِ خلق

    'Dubai' model is tumbling... WSJ

    Dubai was being managed like a giant-size 'resort'. Given the rulers penchant for flashy things, huge financial resources were pumped into marquee projects that didn't make financial sense e.g ( Pearl, World Islands, Palms etc). It seems that all that has come full circle as Dubai stares at...
  4. Natural

    Free WiFi for 10 days in UAE during Eid

    Etisalat announced today that it will offer free UAE WiFi by Etisalat - the telco's high-speed public WiFi across malls, restaurants and cafes for residents in the UAE during Eid Al Adha period, September8 to 17, 2016. UAE WiFi by Etisalat lets UAE's residents connect to the Internet using their...
  5. Matie Khan

    UAE govt allots land for temple (For Indians) in Abu Dhabi,

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  6. K

    UAE Showed real Auqat of narendra modi in Abu dhabi

    check out who is receiving narendra modi in UAE........ PM of UAE : Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ( Absent ) President of UAE :Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (Absent ) Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi: Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (present janab ) lollllllllllllllllllllllllll
  7. M Ali Khan

    'Slaves of Dubai' in action

    2009 documentary from VICE magazine Most people know Dubai for its massive skyscrapers and luxurious hotels, but few know that the city was built by modern-day slaves. For months, the BBC's Ben Anderson hung out around the glittering, insane towers springing up in Dubai trying to...
  8. ishwaq

    UAE Pakistanis unaware of poll on voting rights

    5 September 2011, 9:40 PM Pakistanis in the UAE have not been asked until now to voice their opinion in the poll launched by the Pakistan government with regard to the overseas Pakistanis voting rights. However, Pakistanis residing in the US and UK continue to fill in a questionnaire regarding...
  9. hans

    Pakistan looks to Saudi Arabia, UAE for assistance in tribal areas - "kaskol haat mai na lou..Pakist

    Source: Pakistan looks to Saudi Arabia, UAE for assistance in tribal areas PESHAWAR: After facing delays and threats of cuts in assistance from the United States, Pakistan has decided to add...
  10. L

    Al Isra Wal Miraj holiday will be on June 30 in UAE

    By Yahoo! Maktoob Public and private sector employees in the UAE will receive a days holiday on June 30 to mark the occasion of Al Isra Wal Miraj, the ascension of Prophet Mohammad pbuh. The official holiday to mark Al Isra Wal Miraj will be on June 30th for all workers in private sector...
  11. QaiserMirza

    UAE Asked America to Return Shamsi Air Base - Wiki Leaks

  12. hans

    Saudi Arabia, UAE financing extremism in south Punjab Dawn News Paper

    After all we cant blame India for all mess going on , there are more hands and figures toying with Pakistan. As our Pakistani politician always say "Hidden Hands". Read on .... KARACHI: A US official in a cable sent to the State Department stated that financial support estimated at nearly...
  13. T

    UAE issues 'stapled visa' to azad Kashmir residents

    Islamabad, May 5 (PTI) UAE issues 'stapled visa' to AJK residents Islamabad, May 5 (PTI) The United Arab Emirates has begun issuing '''stapled visas'' to Azad Kashmir residents, including its ''Prime...
  14. hans

    First Airbus Military A330 MRTT for UAE Air Force makes maiden flight

    The first Airbus Military A330 MRTT for the United Arab Emirates Air Force has successfully completed its maiden flight following conversion of the aircraft in Madrid. The crew reported that the aircraft, its systems and two Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines performed entirely satisfactorily during...
  15. O

    Where is Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, ok Let say where is OIC on Quran burn issue????????????

    pbuhPlease give your Opinion.... Where are all Islamic countries and why dont they react like Raymond Davis? un k liye 1 banday ki itni importance hai or ham 100,000,0000 se ziada hain to ham kia ker lain gain? ya ham kia kar saktay hain? kisi safeer ko mulk bader ker saktay hain? us ko...
  16. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Davis case: Slain mens families secretly flown to UAE

    Davis case: Slain mens families secretly flown to UAE By Asad Kharal Published: March 20, 2011 Family members of the men killed by Raymond Davis were secretly been flown out of the country. PHOTO: FILE LAHORE: Family members of the two men shot dead by CIA contractor Raymond Davis...