1. Matie Khan

    UAE govt allots land for temple (For Indians) in Abu Dhabi,

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  2. sarbakaf

    Indian temple prostitution

  3. M Ali Khan

    Barelvi group forbids Sikhs from entering their own temple on Shab Barat

    http://tribune.com.pk/story/211531/sikhs-kept-out-of-their-own-temple-for-shab-e-barat/ By Abdul Manan Published: July 17, 2011 A policeman stands guard at a Sikh temple that a group claims is the burial site of a Muslim saint. PHOTO...
  4. L

    The temple of Solomon, the secret is out

  5. L

    Rs.1 lakh crore ($22 billion) treasure discovered in secret vaults of Kerala temple - Hun Fer Mojaan

    By Indo Asian News Service, IANS Thiruvananthapuram, July 3 (IANS) The erstwhile royal family of Travancore in Kerala is thrilled that valuables worth thousands of crores have been discovered in the chambers of a temple it manages. A Supreme Court appointed committee is opening six chambers...
  6. B

    Please RECOGNIZE him - Ghulam Ahmed Bilour At Golden Temple India

  7. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Pilgrimage to Balochistans Hinglaj Temple

    Every year thousands of Hindus from Pakistan and India gather to attend a four-day ritual at the Hinglaj Mata Temple in Balochistan. The temple is situated on the Makran coast in the Lyari district of Balochistan. Hindus believe that the head of goddess Sati had fallen in the area of Hinglaj...