1. ealtaf

    Tears of Gaza - Palestine (Muslims Must Watch) Documentary

  2. FaisalLatif

    August 22 2011. Najam Sethi tears MQM to pieces. Journalism at it finest.

    Last night's Aapas ki Baat with Najam Sethi was the most courageous piece of journalism in recent history. In a world where not even the most bravest of journalist would dare point out the true situation, the gangs, their links to political parties in Karachi and lay bare which party supports...
  3. News Watch

    News Watch - 23rd June 2011 - Hostage crisis over: Emotional reunion amid tears of joy

  4. Nawazish

    Javed Hashmi in Tears for Pakistan - MUST SEE!!

    Instead of spreading bakwaas like 'im ashamed to be Pakistani', 'i wish i wasnt Pakistani' and looking like a prat...maybe we should think...think what WE can do for Pakistan. I wouldnt be surprised if those who bad mouth corruption in Pakistan (rightly), themselves slip a few thousand Rupees...
  5. Adeel

    This picture brought tears in My Eyes - Imran Sleeping in Dharna

  6. Abdali


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMyPPOd8AOA.. Must watch I have no strength to write more words, I leave you to watch the fruits of your labor, of your indifference, your apathy and your deafening silence.. Muslims wake up and see what great satan has done. News tit bits for my...
  7. M

    This will bring you down to tears