1. S

    No NoC, no travel Govt clips diplomats wings - Pakistan restricts US diplomats' internal travel

    ISLAMABAD, July 30: Strict enforcement of travel restrictions on diplomats based in Pakistan has escalated tensions with the United States and the issue is threatening to turn into another major diplomatic spat between the two. For now the two are, for the second time this year, wrangling over...
  2. WatanDost

    Strange Things, Post 9/11

    7 Abnormal Stock Trading In the week prior to 9/11, an extraordinary amount of put options were placed on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks. If you are unfamiliar with the stock market, a put option is financial contract between two parties that will offer the buyer insurance...
  3. Skeptic

    The strange world of Afghan weddings and the dark side of early marriage.

    The Young and the Betrothed More than 50 million girls under the age of 17 in developing countries are married; millions more are at risk of being forced into child marriages. The practice is rife in Afghanistan, particularly in rural areas. Photographer Stephanie Sinclair captured...
  4. biomat

    Strange earthquakes in turkey & libya...;BUC&date=2011-05-19 Location provided by BUC Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 14:57:19 +0000 UTC Antelope Auto - Event 7699 NEAR COAST OF LIBYA Date Time Err RMS Latitude Longitude Smaj Smin Az...
  5. A

    Strange and practical bus in China

    look and enjoy the bus.
  6. biomat

    Florida , STRANGE EARTHQUAKE.. 20 MINUTES LONG! water flowing INTO somewhere?

    Main stream news article... actual seismograph from the general area: Could this be the salt dome rupture? is it plate movement? is this related to the recent 100 mile long oil...

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