1. C

    Discover who said to reduce Rs.5 on Pepsi

    Do the following !!! 1) go to google translate 2) type in "Who said to sell pepsi for Rs.65?" 3) translate English to Arabic 4) Copy the Arabic version 5) choose translation from Arabic to English 6) and the truth will be unleashed!!!! Reply if you did it correctly!!. :)
  2. Geek

    Ban on US citizen on entering Peshawar without permission helped reduce the terrorism.

  3. C

    Washington to reduce military presence in Pakistan

    The United States is reducing its military presence in Pakistan at the request of that country's government, a Pentagon spokesman said Wednesday. "We were recently within (the) past two weeks notified in writing that the government of Pakistan wished for the U.S. to reduce its footprint in...
  4. biomat

    Plan to reduce human race to controllable range.. Nwo

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